Shakespeare Market on Sunday Aug 1st from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Join Us for Good Food, Great Music, Lots of Interesting Local Crafts Special guest Lobster Tails Food Truck, a Stratford local!  All the other great hot food vendors, farmers, food product manufacturers and awesome crafters are all back again. Hoping for a great turnout this weekend. Great excuse to get outside and hang out for […]

Where Am I?

Stratford the Beautiful Crier Photo Contest The Crier has launched a weekly photo quiz to acquaint readers with the many beautiful parts of our town.  Crier photographers will publish photos of Stratford’s gems and ask readers to identify the location. First right response will be honored with a free ice cream cone from Goody Bassett, […]

Bell Bottoms and Disco Music

What’s crackin’ is the Stratford Library’s Seventeenth Annual Fundraiser “The 70’s Project” is September 25th at the Oronoque Country Club The Stratford Library Board of Trustees will present its major fund-raiser for the library on Saturday, September 25th beginning at 6 p.m.  The seventeenth annual gala event, entitled “The 70’s Project”, will celebrate popular music […]

Center Site Proposal: Spirit Investment Partners

Spirit Investment Partners: Sutton Place Spirit Investment Partners and Kaali-Nagy Properties. Spirit’s $39.8 million proposal, called Sutton Place, would be a four-story, 162-unit apartment complex with a pool, community gardens, dog run and public park. The development could also include a community arts center. There would be 21 studio apartments with $1,700 rents; 96 one-bedrooms […]

Center Site Proposal: Primrose Companies

A Partnership Between John N. Guedes and Biagio Barone Guedes’ presentation was for an apartment unit having 34 two-bedrooms, 18 one-bedrooms, and 30 studio apartments. Rents for the units would be $1,500 for the studios and $1,800 for the townhouses. Their plans for apartment development also included plans for an early childcare center. The proposal […]

Center Site Proposal: Romano Brothers Builders

Headed by Mark Romano design, in keeping with the neighborhood, would mirror the Congregational Church. The development would have 27 townhouses and a public park facing Sutton Place, with a total of 142-units. The remaining apartments would be in a four-story building behind the townhouses. There would be 20 two-bedroom townhouses, with a rent of […]

Center Site Proposal: Salce Companies

Salce Companies Center School proposal includes a three-story 104 unit development with commercial space including 185 parking spaces with 73 spaces in a garage below the apartments. Salce offered $500,000 for the property, and proposed a $28 million development consisting of 42 studios with rents of between $1,175 and $1,350; 31 one-bedrooms at $1,700 to […]

Tide Rolls in Today

Come to the Tidal Exchange 411 Barnum Avenue Cutoff! More than 1,000 of you are Interested in the event!  Come find what you are looking for in Stratford this Saturday, and Every Saturday, through November 13! Free Parking All Day. Free Admission from 12 p.m. – 2 p.m. Serious Buyers can have the pick of […]

Farm Fresh Food

What is it all about? You know it! You love it! It’s the Paradise Green Market! CT Grown, Farm Fresh food every Monday afternoon from 2 p.m. till 6! All the fixin’s and trimming to make a complete meal! Many of the same great vendors that have attracted Stratford folk for miles around and years […]

Mussel Up – A Bivalve Lesson

by Angela Capinera Your Mind in Bloom, LLC Next time you go swimming in the waters off of Stratford, thank an Atlantic Ribbed Mussel, Geukensia demissa.  Each one of these Atlantic Ribbed Mussels silently filters between 15 and 30 gallons of water daily (about the volume of one large garbage can).  Yes, each one of […]