Shakespeare Market on Sunday Aug 1st from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Join Us for Good Food, Great Music, Lots of Interesting Local Crafts

Special guest Lobster Tails Food Truck, a Stratford local!  All the other great hot food vendors, farmers, food product manufacturers and awesome crafters are all back again.

Hoping for a great turnout this weekend. Great excuse to get outside and hang out for a while in Shakespeare Park.

It’s happening this Sunday August 1st. starting at 10:00 a.m  Lots of great vendors. Come and support your local community.  Walk the road around the field!  Farm fresh food. Wave Hill Breads!  Hot food galore!  Beautiful items created by CT locals!  And if you haven’t tried them yet Brigadieros by Doce!!


Eaglewood Farms:  CT raised Pork and eggs

Daffodil Hill Growers:  Fruits and Vegetables, Apiary, Cheese and Dairy Products, tomato sauce and salsa

Wave Hill Breads:  Breads and Pastries

The Healing Herb Garden:  We grow elderberry and other medicinal herbs. We make elderberry syrup, shrub, syrup kit and teas.

Mugger’s Marrow:  Organic condiments, Makers of “Stick ‘Em Up!” Grilling Glaze & Marinade since 2015

Bee’s Cupcake Bites

Amrita Health Foods:  Plant based protein snacks.  Gluten-free and allergen friendly

Oronoque Farms Bakery:  Pies and Donuts!

Nick’s Catering:  Great pre made Italian style meals

Impius Silvis Farm:  Wool products – yarn, dryer balls, stuffed animals, I process all the wool from my sheep and angora rabbits and make my own yarn, knitwear, dryer balls, stuffed animals, etc

Dave’s Angry Sauce:  All natural hot sauce.

The Salt Shaker:  Small-batch, flavored salt blends.

Wanke’s Yankee Hot Sauce:  Yankee Hot Pepper Products

Dash ‘N Drizzle:  Balsamics, Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Gourmet Sea Salts!


Colossal Kielbasa:  Colossal Kielbasa Grinder, Polish Hamburger, Grilled Pierogi (special onion sauce)

Paradise Island:  Rice and beans, roasted pork, empanadas, pinchos, sodas, juice, water

Calandrelli’s Kettle Corn:  fresh kettle corn all day

Riehl Cool Crafts and Confections:  Hot Chocolate, Cocoa Bombs, Hot Tea, and Cookies!

The Melting Truck:  Grilled cheese and Soup

Betzy’s Latin Flavors:  Fresh Hot Empanadas and Frozen for Take Home!!

Bring Your Masks – As We Are Still Recommending People Wear Masks

Eating and drinking off the ring road only.  If you are on the road around the field you need your mask on over your mouth and nose.

Head for one of the spaced out grass areas to let you mask down to eat and drink.  Then mask back up again and join the fun!

Where Am I?

Stratford the Beautiful

Crier Photo Contest

The Crier has launched a weekly photo quiz to acquaint readers with the many beautiful parts of our town.  Crier photographers will publish photos of Stratford’s gems and ask readers to identify the location. First right response will be honored with a free ice cream cone from Goody Bassett, a Stratford Mecca for ice cream lovers.

The winner of last week’s photo quiz is — the Town of Stratford, by being home to the 401 acres Roosevelt Forest with well-maintained trails, a pond, a pavilion and a Boy Scout Camp.  The town is also fortunate to have eager and capable youth performing community service and building projects, such as the bridge pictured in last week’s quiz connecting the blue trail to Pumpkin Ground Road.

We did have a winner who identified the photos, but he lives in Austria and UPS can’t guarantee an ice cream cone to Austria!!!! Hey, if an ex-pat can identify a photo from Austria surely you can!

This week’s photo is from another, man-made bucolic corner of town. Can you identify the location?

The first one to identify the location will win a delicious ice cream cone from Goody Bassett. Yum!

Bell Bottoms and Disco Music

What’s crackin’ is the Stratford Library’s Seventeenth Annual Fundraiser

“The 70’s Project” is September 25th at the Oronoque Country Club

The Stratford Library Board of Trustees will present its major fund-raiser for the library on Saturday, September 25th beginning at 6 p.m.  The seventeenth annual gala event, entitled “The 70’s Project”, will celebrate popular music of the 1970’s.  It will be out of sight!

A major tribute band from New York City channeling classic “Chicago” songs, “The 70’s Project”, will perform with brass and horns to blast out that distinctive 1970’s sound.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • The 70’s Project is a gala evening of music, dancing, appetizers, dinner, fine beverages and delectable desserts.
  • Break out those bellbottoms and tube socks, as patrons are encouraged to wear 70’s attire.
  • A silent auction will also be included in the festivities and donations are being accepted.
  • This year’s event will be held at the Oronoque Country Club in Stratford and all proceeds will benefit the Library’s collections and programs.
  • Honorary Chair of the gala is Mayor Laura Hoydick.

Current major sponsors include the Stratford Mayor’s Charity Golf Tournament; Berchem Moses, PC; People’s United Bank; Bridgeport Fittings; Halper Keating Family Foundation; Immacula Cann & Family; Joel F. Pleban, CPA, LLC; Kamco Supply Corporation; Mitchell & Sheahan, PC; The Milford Bank; Ashcroft; Barnum Animal Hospital; Florek & O’Neill; and Hubbell Heaters.  Sponsors in various categories are still being sought by the Library.

Tickets for the gala are $80/person and include dinner and entertainment. There are discounts of up to $100 off for a table of 10 people. For further information about donating to the silent auction or ticket reservations for “The 70’s Project”, call the Stratford Library at 203.385.4166 or visit:


Center Site Proposal: Spirit Investment Partners

Spirit Investment Partners: Sutton Place

Spirit Investment Partners and Kaali-Nagy Properties.

Spirit’s $39.8 million proposal, called Sutton Place, would be a four-story, 162-unit apartment complex with a pool, community gardens, dog run and public park. The development could also include a community arts center. There would be 21 studio apartments with $1,700 rents; 96 one-bedrooms at $1,900; 41 two-bedrooms, $2,400; and four $3,500 rental homes fronting Sutton Avenue. The underground parking garage will have 198-spaces.

The time frame for the development is expected to be 18 months – providing all required permits and paperwork are met. In order to finance the cost of the garage, pegged at about $6.5 million, the proposal asked for a 14-year tax abatement, which was estimated to total roughly the same cost. The abatement would run out in 2038.

Check Out the Full Spirit Investment Partners Proposal Here


Center Site Proposal: Primrose Companies

A Partnership Between John N. Guedes and Biagio Barone

Guedes’ presentation was for an apartment unit having 34 two-bedrooms, 18 one-bedrooms, and 30 studio apartments. Rents for the units would be $1,500 for the studios and $1,800 for the townhouses. Their plans for apartment development also included plans for an early childcare center. The proposal showed 156 parking spaces and did not include any underground parking, which the town asked developers to include.

Asked by Redevelopment Agency Chairman George Perham why there was no underground parking, Guedes’ said it didn’t make financial sense.

“It doesn’t matter who it is, nobody is going to build a public parking garage on this site. The economics are just not going to make it work,” he said. “Generally structured parking does well in communities where the rents are high and taxes are low. That’s not Stratford. You have the opposite in Stratford.”

Check Out the Full Primrose Proposal Here


Center Site Proposal: Romano Brothers Builders

Headed by Mark Romano design, in keeping with the neighborhood, would mirror the Congregational Church.

The development would have 27 townhouses and a public park facing Sutton Place, with a total of 142-units. The remaining apartments would be in a four-story building behind the townhouses.

There would be 20 two-bedroom townhouses, with a rent of $2,900; 14 studio apartments renting at $1,800; 92 one-bedrooms, $2,000; and 16 two-bedrooms, $2,450.

There would be 176 parking spaces with 82 of them below the apartment building. There would be no commercial development, as his goal was to maintain a “walkable” development that would utilize the present commercial development in Stratford Center.

Check Out the Full Romano Brothers Builders Proposal Here

Center Site Proposal: Salce Companies

Salce Companies Center School proposal includes a three-story 104 unit development with commercial space including 185 parking spaces with 73 spaces in a garage below the apartments.
Salce offered $500,000 for the property, and proposed a $28 million development consisting of 42 studios with rents of between $1,175 and $1,350; 31 one-bedrooms at $1,700 to $1,800; and 31 two-bedrooms at $2,250 to $2,450.

The proposal was the only one to include commercial space, though Salce said that could change. He is proposing a coffee shop/café and bar in his proposal. “If the commercial doesn’t work within a year, we’d want the commercial space to be residential,” he said.

Check Out the Full Salce Proposal Here


Tide Rolls in Today

Come to the Tidal Exchange

411 Barnum Avenue Cutoff!

More than 1,000 of you are Interested in the event!  Come find what you are looking for in Stratford this Saturday, and Every Saturday, through November 13!

Free Parking All Day. Free Admission from 12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Serious Buyers can have the pick of the litter for $10 from 8 a.m. -9 a.m.

Get the cream of the crop from 9 a.m.-12.p.m. for $3 per person or $5 per Family.

Vendors can still reserve spots at…/CTEventsUnli…

Find out more at:

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You for All Your Support for This Great Event in Stratford!

Farm Fresh Food

What is it all about?

You know it! You love it! It’s the Paradise Green Market!

CT Grown, Farm Fresh food every Monday afternoon from 2 p.m. till 6! All the fixin’s and trimming to make a complete meal!

Many of the same great vendors that have attracted Stratford folk for miles around and years and years! Many brand new too! Come back again and again! You will find new crafters on a rotating basis. A new sight to see each time!! Another chance to come out and see the best in one another!

***!! Shop Local !!***

Don’t stop there! Right across the street you’ll find an array of awesome retailers too!

Stratford has the whole enchilada. You better not bite off more than you can chew! Forget the tote bag, bring a DUFFEL bag so you can drag a bounty of good living and better eating home for the week!

Find out more at:

121 Huntington Rd, Stratford, CT

Parking available throughout the retail area and at our friends, The Stratford Baptist Church! Their parking lot is located at 40 Park Street

Mussel Up – A Bivalve Lesson

by Angela Capinera
Your Mind in Bloom, LLC

Next time you go swimming in the waters off of Stratford, thank an Atlantic Ribbed Mussel, Geukensia demissa.  Each one of these Atlantic Ribbed Mussels silently filters between 15 and 30 gallons of water daily (about the volume of one large garbage can).  Yes, each one of these little animals whose shells we might stuff in our pockets filters that much water each day while it is alive. Individual mussels can live up to 15 years on average so during their individual life span, they can filter around 164,250 gallons of water in their lifetime. Now take that for one and multiply that by the thousands (or maybe a million plus?) here in Stratford alone. They are hard to count individually.

Geukensia (Latin for “of the family of marine bivalve mollusks) demissa (“low-lying” in Latin)

Family: Mytilidae (true mussels)

Bivalve: “bi” – 2, 2 valves or Latin for 2 sided or folding doors

A few good reasons to love Geukensia demissa, or the Atlantic Ribbed Mussel.

Geukensia demissa do such an awesome job of filtering water there have been pilot programs where they are placed on “barges” made of wiring so they can filter water going through heavily polluted waterways and they significantly improved the water quality and saved municipalities, especially ones adjacent to rivers, money on water filtration programs.

Geukensia demissa filter water through 2 siphon tubes inside their “body” during high tides.  During low tide, they close up their shell tightly with their miniscule teeth that latch both sides of the shell together. Filtration happens during high tide when they unlatch their teeth, open their shells, and the siphons “reach out” and filter water through. They mainly filter nitrogen (usually the result of fertilizer runoff) out of the water yet they also filter other pollutants, including heavy metals like lead and arsenic.  Their main source of natural food is plankton and algae.

Atlantic Ribbed Mussels live in salt marshes and mud flats along the Atlantic seaboard in a symbiotic and necessary relationship with Sporobolus alterniflorus (Spartina). Spartina and Atlantic Ribbed Mussels need their symbiotic relationship, where both are involved yet neither is harmed, for survival. Spartina provides the rhizome root structure for the Atlantic Ribbed Mussels to latch their byssus threads to. The byssus threads grow mainly out of the bottom of the mussel and can attach not only to roots yet rocks and other hard surfaces, including other shells, as well. The byssus threads help the mussels attach in clumps as well and also helps Atlantic Ribbed Mussels spawn during the summer as well. As a result of this these mussels also help secure Stratford’s coastline from erosion. Again, without them, our town would be very different.

Atlantic Ribbed Mussels are often confused with their cousins, the Blue Mussel, due to their blue-purplish-brownish color. Yet the easiest way to tell them apart are the ridges. Like trees, they have one ridge for each year they have lived. Their shell is made of calcium carbonate, the same element we have in our bones. The mussel part is also tougher.  While I have seen people harvesting them (I wouldn’t recommend eating them at all), their “meat” is tougher and has a different taste from the Blue Mussel.

Environmentally, they are considered a “stable” species. They are eaten by birds, raccoons, and different species of crabs.  I have noted in Great Meadows where one week there are secured beds along the roots of Spartina, and the next week, numerous beds have been noticeably removed. Animals only take a few. If people remove them, this will directly impact the saltmarsh Spartina grasses, and sooner rather than later, will impact the marsh’s ability to control erosion, prevent flooding, and filter the water.

Yes, these Atlantic Ribbed Mussels are “free”, yet when people take them to sell to food distributors they are taking a stable resource away from all of us with no giveback and nothing there for reproduction.

The same occurs when I’ve seen people take them out of the channel adjacent to Short Beach.  The water goes into the channel, gets filtered, and then comes out much cleaner that benefits all species that use the beach.  If the Atlantic Ribbed Mussels disappear from either spot, or any other location where they can be found in Stratford, we are all in trouble. Please leave them alone and let them thrive.

Thank you. Many blessings. Have an awesome day.

“Never confuse Motion with Action.” – Benjamin Franklin

Note: In the accompanying photo, the juveniles are the smaller, orange/ yellow colored ones.