Article Submission

The best way to submit news items or letters is by using our contact form. You may simply type your words into a message, or attach a MS Word document (Please do not send WordPerfect documents.)

Articles should be written in layman’s terms, and impart information in a way that does not sound self-serving or promotional.

We reserve the right to edit all submissions for length, style and clarity to fit our style guidelines, standards, and space limitations. Photos should be sent as separate attachments, not embedded in the document. If we think that an article is publishable, but contains promotional content, we will request that the author resubmit the article after those references are removed or reworded.

We cannot guarantee publication. If accepted, we may not publish your piece immediately. If you would like us to keep the submission for future consideration, please so state when submitting your article.

Letters to the Editors

Letters to Editor must arrive by Monday at 1 p.m. to be considered for the next Crier edition. Letters may be up to 300 words long — shorter is better; brief letters stand a better chance than long ones of being published right away. Letters must include the name, address and daytime phone number of the sender. Letters may be submitted as e-mails or sent by USPS (typed and double-spaced or very neatly hand-printed). We publish letters only from residents, former residents or people who work in the town. We will not publish letters that are libelous or in poor taste, and we may limit the number of letters from the same author. We reserve the right to edit letters for length and clarity.

We also accept some unsolicited opinion pieces, if the writer is a resident and can provide credentials in his or her area of expertise.


News releases about coming events and activities, school happenings, sporting events, etc. should reach us at least one week in advance of the issue in which you would like it published.

We publish announcements about individual students in college, prep schools or public school. In the case of college news, please let us know whether the student is a Stratford area high school graduate, the year of graduation, and any special activities the student may be involved in. In all cases include the parents’ names and addresses.

Birth Announcements

Birth announcements are free. Must include name, date and location of birth. May also include other sibling, any other family information or a photo.

Weddings & Engagements

Wedding and engagement announcements are free. Include names of the bride and groom and their parents, occupations, where they graduated, where they live the wedding date, and any other interesting stories or plans for a honeymoon.