Broken Promises

The Soap Box By Timothy Bristol It’s budget season again and the current budget proposal for Stratford in 2024 by Mayor Hoydick raises the mill rate to 40.20 mills. This would put the Stratford mill rate at the highest it has been since 1993. The current administration has brought the mill rate to a […]

Connecticut and Monorails:  A One Track Mind

“Talking Transportation” By Jim Cameron Jim Cameron is founder of the Commuter Action Group and advocates for Connecticut rail riders. His weekly column “Talking Transportation” is archived here.  You can contact Jim at” What is this fascination that people have with monorails? I can’t tell you how often people suggest them as “the answer” to our state’s clogged roads. […]

Moving Stratford’s Election Process into the 21st Century

By: Barbara Heimlich Editor Stratford Crier Voting rights – Fair Elections –“The Big Lie” – Voter Repression – currently hot topics with friends, family, and others, most (if not all) display an arrogance using the State of Georgia as an example of backward thinking, and of course the first example they give is the oft […]