A View From Inside

Letters To The Editor By Daphna Arditi – a delegation from the Shelva Mental Health Center 10.22.23 The Occupational Therapy meeting with evacuees INTRODUCTION: My aunt, Daphna, is an Occupational Therapist in Ra’anana, a small city outside Tel Aviv. Her youngest daughter, after having finished her military service just a few months ago, was recalled […]

BOE Chairperson Letter to the Editor

Andrea Corcoran Chairperson, Andrea Corcoran (U) Stratford Board of Education As the November 7th election draws near, the political rhetoric has grown louder and louder, as it does around this time each year. Armchair pundits muse on social media, political literature floods our mailboxes, and questionable information is easily mixed in to twist facts and […]

Why a Theater??

By Norah Christianson Ted van Griethuysen’s article regarding the wrongheadedness of building a theater on the previous Shakespeare Festival Theater grounds, is spot on. Most citizens of Stratford do not care about a theater, do not think of a theater, would not financially support a new theater now any more than they supported the old […]

Idling While Earth Burns

By Norah Christianson I understand there is a law in Connecticut against idling an engine for more than three minutes, but I see this law being disregarded all around Stratford. I live a block from the Housatonic River, and I walk to Bond’s Dock or Birdseye Dock most days. There I see people in their […]

Letters to the Editor

Fund Raising May Be Second Place, But District 7 Is The Race By Dave Mullane Coming in at just under $18,000 is the Showdown in the Seventh, Shake vs Sutton. These two are the only incumbent council members running for reelection this year. The GOP LOU crew really do not want to see Shake return […]

Letters To The Editor

Stratford Rotary Club, a non-political organization Patricia Patusky President Stratford Rotary Club, CT District D7980, Southern CT Mobile: (203) 257-2569 ppatusky@slrgroup.com The Stratford Rotary Club, an inclusive community service organization, welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and is strictly non-political and non-religious. We do not endorse any political candidates or parties. Our sole purpose is to […]

Letter to the Editor

Election Lawn Posters By Barbara Mingolello I am seeing the lawn posters for people running for an office, which it is difficult to see.  What they are running for on these signs, just the last name is readable. Why can’t the Democrat and Republican town party leaders send out a news flyer stating who is […]

Letter to the Editor

The Rules are for You and Not GOP Lou By Dave Mullane Since this Bridgeport AB (Absentee Ballot) scandal drawing lots of attention, I shake my head with comments by Stratford “leaders” Ben Proto the State GOP Chairman and State Senator Kevin Kelly, who is the Republican Minority leader in the State. These 2 are […]

Letter to the Editor

Shakespeare Park is finally moving forward By Dr. David Chess I want to commend Mayor Hoydick on moving a plan forward to make Shakespeare Park a place for music, entertainment and, eventually, theatre. Being a resident here for 37 years, I have witnessed many starts and stops.  Watching factions argue and the resulting stalemate left […]

Tidal Wetlands News

By Tucker Chase There is good news from the EPA’s Superfund Project Manager, James DiLorenzo, regarding the tidal wetlands opposite Uberti’s on Ferry Boulevard.  At the end of August, EPA will conduct tests in the wetlands to determine the presence of asbestos and other potential carcinogens. In addition, he indicated that regardless of those test […]