An Open Letter To Women Who Shop Alone

Shopping Safety Advice Photo By Aris Sfakianakis An open letter to all Stratford ladies who shop alone My friends, There has been a wave of purse snatching, car hijacking and other violent acts in Connecticut’s parking lots. Our freedom to shop safely is threatened. Therefore, we need to unite and fight back. The following is […]

Assault At Johnson House Academy

Letter To The Editor by Colleen Hargrove Editor’s Note:  Ms. Hargrove spoke before the Board of Education and the Town Council regarding the Johnson House Academy assault, and she submitted her presentations to the Letter To The Editor for publication. My name is Colleen Hargrove. I’ve been a resident of Stratford for 3 years now: […]

Redistricting and Respect for Taxpayers

Letters To The Editor by Grace Arpie On Monday, May 8th, 2023, a regularly scheduled public forum was held in the Council Chambers at Town Hall, prior to a meeting of the Town Council to consider revised election districts. As has been previously discussed, the revision gerrymanders Democratic incumbent Kaitlyn Shake out of District 2 […]

Letters To The Editor

by Kathleen Callahan Late Wednesday morning, March 8th, I was texted front and back images of a political mailer regarding “scheming… power-hungry… career politicians” looking to repeal Stratford Board of Education term limits. The call to action was literally a call to our Town Council Clerk’s Office and a request to attend the March 13th […]

Letters To The Editor: Board of Education Request to Extend Member Terms

by Andrea Corcoran, Board of Education Chair Janice Cupee Amy Wiltsie Stratford Town Hall 2725 Main Street Stratford, CT 06615 January 23, 2023 Dear Honorable Members of the Town Council: We are writing to request your consideration to change the Stratford Term Limit ordinance (Chapter 32, Article 1 of the Town Code) to increase the […]

Letters To The Editor

Exonerated by Stephanie Philips One day before the 2021 August Democratic Caucus to pick the endorsed mayoral candidate, Steve Taccogna announced he had filed a complaint against Stephanie Philips, one of the two candidates, with the State Elections Enforcement Commission.  Taccogna, the Chairman of the Stratford Democratic Committee (SDTC) at the time, made the complaint […]

Letters To The Editor

Bids Rigged for Contracts at New Stratford High School by Thomas Yates Four companies that bid for HVAC and PLG Contracts at the new Stratford High School all pled Guilty in Federal Court. Three were from Connecticut and another from Massachusetts..  The companies rigged the bids so one would get one of the bided jobs, […]

Center School Development

By Megan Booth Dear Councilmen and women, Mayor Hoydick, I am writing to you all from a place of frustration and dissatisfaction. Our neighborhood, Academy Hill, and many members of our town have been increasingly vociferous in their opposition to Center School development. And yet, the very representative who covers half of the neighborhood (Christopher […]

Letters to the Editor

Editor’s Note: The Stratford Crier recently invited young adults enrolled in the Stratford High School Journalism Class (taught by Andreas F. Marangos) to submit articles that reflected what “our next generation” were concerned about, thought about, and wanted to see changed. Recently, The Connecticut Post Mall located in Milford, established a new policy that applies […]

Adult Supervision for Teens at the Mall

Letter To The Editor By Atiana Louis-Charles Recently the Connecticut Post Mall in Milford set up a Parental Guidance Program, where teens are to be supervised by someone above the age of 18 past 4:00 p.m. This has been caused due to many fights breaking out and kids acting up in a public mall. The […]