“Talking Transportation” By Jim Cameron Tired of fighting all the traffic and struggling to find parking? Need to get to the train station, a doctor’s appointment or just want to go out partying on the weekend? There’s a new solution coming your way: Microtransit. The folks at Uber told me awhile back that one-third of […]

Stratford Democrats Earn Significant Election Day Victories

By: Stratford CT Democratic Town Committee The anticipation for the 2023 municipal election proved warranted as the nominated candidates for the Stratford Democrats, warmly and respectfully known as #TeamStratford, won key races throughout the town as the voters officially registered their opinions on three major topics of the year: election redistricting, school funding, and land […]

The Heart of the Matter

By Osi Rosenberg “We checked the house and heard the sounds of young children in the safe room. We shot at the safe room … until we didn’t hear noise anymore.” [i] – Omar Sami Marzuk Abu Rusha, a member of Hamas I woke on October 7 without an expectation for the day. I ended […]

Connecticut Department of Transportation WIFI Unfilled Promise

“Talking Transportation” By Jim Cameron Cover Photo by Connecticut Mirror Why is Metro-North the only major commuter railroad in the US that doesn’t offer its riders Wi-Fi?   That’s a question I’ve been asking for many years and I still can’t get a straight answer. Why is Metro-North the only major commuter railroad in the US […]

Opinion: The Terrorist Next Door

By Osi Rosenberg “I killed ten Jews Dad! Be Proud. Your son’s a hero. Praise Allah” – Hamas Terrorist call to his father October 7, 2023 I am angry. I am grief stricken. Sometimes I am inconsolable. I am fearful. I am traumatized. I wasn’t there, but I am always there. I am Israeli. I […]

Trains, Drones & Automobiles

Talking Transportation By Jim Cameron As a young man I wanted to become a civil engineer and design the railroads of the future.  So I went to one of the nation’s best engineering schools, Lehigh University, only to find out in my freshman year that I’d need calculus, physics and chemistry.  So I ran quickly […]

What Happens When Gasoline Costs $10 a gallon?

Talking Transportation By Jim Cameron Jim Cameron is still on a break, but here’s a column he wrote in 2008. For decades we’ve lived (and driven) in denial, somehow assuming we have the “right” to cheap gas, and therefore, low-cost transportation. Now it’s time to face reality and consider what will happen when (not if) gasoline […]

Leaves & Locos

“Talking Transportation” By  Jim Cameron Photos by Emily Moser / Metropolitan Transit Authority It ain’t exactly Star Wars, but Metro-North has some new tech that should make your commute more reliable: Laser Train! This $3+ million custom railcar, pulled by a diesel locomotive, is blasting our tracks free of the annual scourge of leaf slime… […]

Free Parking Isn’t Really Free!

“Talking Transportation” By Jim Cameron Jim Cameron is taking some time off. But this week’s column, originally published in 2006 is still relevant. Our obsession with automobiles is not only creating gridlock and ruining the quality of our air, but it’s eating up our real estate and sending land costs skyward. Because, once we drive […]

Opinion: Shakespeare Theatre

The Voice of Experience on a Shakespeare Theatre Opinion By Ted van Griethuysen I have lived in Stratford since the fall of 1982. It’s a very good place to live. My previous acquaintance with Stratford had been in the summers of 1960 and 1961, when I had been employed by the American Shakespeare Festival Company. […]