Need Help Paying Your Energy Bill?

State Representative Joe Gresko, (D)
121st Connecticut House District

Dear Neighbor,

As we continue to pursue more long-term solutions to reduce rising costs of energy, I wanted to make you aware of an upcoming outreach event to help resident’s access critical financial assistance from United Illuminating (UI) and Southern Connecticut Gas (SCG), through the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP), the Community Renewal Team (CRT) and Operation Fuel.

Speak one-on-one with representatives from the above groups on Wednesday, January 25th from 4 P.M.-7 P.M. at the East Side Senior Center (268 Putnam St, Bridgeport, CT) to discuss hardship and assistance programs you may qualify for.

If you are unable to attend the event and would like to learn more about programs available, click here for UI

and here for SCG.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me at the Capitol at 860-842-0363 or email me at

Reducing Electric Bills

State Senator Kevin Kelly (R)
21st Senatorial District

State Representative Laura Dancho (R)
120th Connecticut House District

I’m writing to let you know that this week, I joined my House and Senate Republican colleagues in offering a comprehensive package of policy proposals to reduce the cost of electric bills and make energy more affordable over the long term.

These policies will immediately reduce energy costs for families by over $362 million per year, saving the average household $210 next year. In the long run, our plan will drive down costs by even more while implementing important ratepayer protections.

action on this issue is imperative. Connecticut electric rates are among the nation’s most expensive, squeezing household and business budgets.

Our path to energy affordability:

Moving charges resulting from public policy decisions from ratepayer bills to the state budget. (Estimated savings: $362 million annually.)

Bringing all clean energy sources into the state’s green energy strategy by adding nuclear power and all sources of hydro power to the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard program.

Improving the Standard Service Procurement process by examining the differing ways CT’s large utilities, small municipal owned utilities, and other states all procure power.

Restoring independence to utility rate regulators by separating the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Giving PURA more discretion and flexibility in decoupling to protect ratepayers.

Establishing utility rate case oversight to ensure that resolutions of rate cases and settlements are made in the best interest of ratepayers and not for other political considerations.

As always, please never hesitate to reach out to me at with questions, ideas, and your concerns about this or any other state issues.

State Representative Laura Dancho (R)

120th Connecticut House District

Contact Information

Dear friends and neighbors,

It has been so exciting to be in Hartford for my first legislative committee meetings last week! As we move forward together, I want to bring you more direct access to the legislative process and my personal updates through the resources found below.

The best way to reach out to me is via email at or by my office phone at 860-240-8700.

This email list is a great way to stay updated about state issues, legislative changes, bill votes, and even Stratford events! I encourage you to remain on this email list and encourage others to go to to see my official press releases and

Next, I have unveiled my official Facebook page which can be viewed and followed for more frequent updates by clicking

Finally, if emails aren’t your thing, I recommend you to sign-up for our text updates which will be critical for the most immediate updates especially as we head into debating issues on the floor of the House Chamber and as we get closer to finalizing this year’s state budget. To subscribe to our texts, please click the button below:

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Once again, thank you to all who came out to vote this November! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be your voice in Hartford, and I encourage each of you to send me your thoughts, questions, and concerns using the resources above so that together, we can establish a united voice that encompasses the unique and diverse interests of the 120th Assembly District in Stratford, CT. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sincerely, ▫️ (860) 240-8700 ▫️

Energy Assistance

State Representative Joe Gresko, (D)
121st Connecticut House District

Dear Neighbor,

With the coldest days of winter upon us, and the cost of home heating bills rising, I wanted to be sure that you were aware of the initiatives being taken to improve energy affordability and reliability in our state.

To help Connecticut families now, we are utilizing federal and state dollars to increase energy assistance. The Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) will allow all participating households that heat with deliverable fuels, such as home heating oil, to receive an additional crisis assistance benefit worth $430 this winter season.

Coupled with the existing basic benefit and crisis assistance benefits, the additional benefit means those families can now access up to $2,320 per household to help pay their heating bills.

Households interested in seeking assistance through CEAP should apply online at or contact their local community action agency. Additional assistance is available by calling 2-1-1. Those seeking assistance from Operation Fuel should visit

To better prepare for the future and reduce costs, we are also taking the necessary steps to adopt long-term strategies that will:

  • Build a cleaner, more affordable, and more reliable energy supply by investing in offshore wind, hydropower, nuclear power, and other renewable resources.
  • Build energy efficiency and electrification programs that are not just increasing decarbonization and reliability but are creating good jobs.
  • Capitalize on historic federal funding opportunities to maximize our investments.

These are just a few actions we are taking now, but throughout this legislative session, I will continue to ensure that we are prioritizing efforts to reduce the rising cost of energy.

Residents should never have to make the difficult decision between staying warm and putting food on the table.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me at the Capitol at 860-842-0363 or email me at

State Representative Laura Dancho (R)

120th District

Dear friends and neighbors,

Welcome to our first Email Newsletter!

I am pleased to announce that we are back in-person as I was officially sworn in at the opening-day ceremonies of the 2023 Legislative Session! Additionally, each member of the General Assembly also received their legislative committee assignments and ranking member appointments.

This Legislative Session, I will be serving on the Transportation Committee, Environment Committee, and Finance Committee. On these committees, representatives are responsible for actively participating in committee meetings where they will be able to directly influence the legislative process concerning these political topics.

I truly appreciate the support I received in November to become Stratford’s new voice at the state level. I look forward to being an open source for experience, bipartisanship, and leadership for new members on both sides of the aisle. This new session is our blank canvas. Now is the time to collaborate and develop long-term solutions for the most pressing issues affecting the hardworking residents and families of Stratford and our state.

The 2023 Legislative Session will continue until June 7th, 2023, and resources for how to track bills, follow the legislative process, and mark vote tallies can all be found at the General Assembly’s website:

As always, please never hesitate to reach out to me regarding this or any other state issues. Follow me on Facebook below for additional updates and at my website ▫️ (860) 240-8700 ▫️

Stratford State Lawmakers Take Office

The inauguration of Governor Lamont was one part of a busy day in Hartford in which the 2023 legislative session gets underway. After calling the session to order around 10 a.m., state lawmakers  have until June 7 to conduct their annual business, doing everything from approving appointments to passing laws to crafting a state budget for the next two years.

In an address to the House and Senate Gov. Lamont hinted at potential legislative proposals that touched on housing, electric rate hikes and more while also boldly declaring the state’s “permanent fiscal crisis.”  “It’s over. It’s over,” he said. “It’s over as long as we maintain the same fiscal discipline that served us so well over the last four years. After many years of unfilled promises, now is the time to enact a meaningful middle-class tax cut. That’s a reduction in tax rates, which the state can afford and makes your life more affordable.”

Legislators are now set to get to work, with a few dozen bills of the expected 2,000-3,000 already submitted. Democrats hold a 96-53 lead in the House, with two members of the majority party stepping down on the first day of the session. Former state Rep. Dan Fox is believed to be a potential nomination as a judge in state Superior Court while Edwin Vargas of Hartford resigned as he seeks a job in the state university system.

The Connecticut Senate began it’s proceedings Wednesday morning with Stratford’s Sen. Kevin Kelly, R- Stratford, being elected for the Republican minority leadership.

State Representative Joe Gresko, (D) was sworn in to represent the 121st Connecticut House District.

Stratford Councilwoman Kaitlyn Shake, State Representative Joe Gresko, Maxwell Dulin, Kathleen Callahan, Chairwoman Stratford Democratic Party

Newly elected State Representative Laura Dancho (R) for the120th Connecticut House District was sworn in along side State Representative Ben McGorty, (R), 122nd Connecticut House District.