Get Ready for Fall – Clean Your Closets!

September Community Cares Projects

Sterling House Community Center
Fall Events and Programs

 “Clean Out Your Closets”

In partnership with Savers of Orange, Sterling House Community Center (SHCC) is encouraging all friends of Sterling House to rummage through your closets, attics, basements, garages and sheds for usable items you can donate in support of our Food-4-Kids program, which provides weekend food for local students in need.

Donations will be accepted on Saturday, Sept. 18th, and Saturday, Sept. 25th, at the SHCC from 9 a.m. to Noon. We will accept items in good condition including clothes, wallets, handbags, sheets, towels, curtains, silverware, pots and pans, toys, games and more!

Please contact Pam Robertson for more information: or call (203) 378-2606, ext. 113.

The SHCC Preschool program has begun for the new year! There is still time to have your child join our classroom community!

Youth, Teen & Adult Programs Starting SOON at SHCC

  • Safe Sitters – Saturday October 9th 12:30 p.m.
  • Karate – Saturdays 9:15 a.m. & 10:15 a.m.
  • Art – Youth/ Teen Saturday mornings & Adults Thursdays 7 p.m.
  • Adult Scrapbooking – Saturdays September 18th, October 16th, November 13th & December 4th.
  • Adult Gentle Kripalu Yoga – Monday nights 6 p.m.
  • Adult Chair Yoga – Tuesday mornings 10:30 a.m.

To Register or for more information log onto our website at:


Mark Your Calendar

Don’t Forget These Town Activities

Many are Free

Books Over Coffee Now Live!!!!

Stratford Library Sets Fall/Winter Book Talks

On-Site Series Begins Wednesday, September 29th in Lovell Room

by Tom Holehan
Public Relations & Programming

The Stratford Library has announced its selections for the Fall/Winter 2021 series of Books Over Coffee, the monthly book discussion program that has been a popular staple at the library for over 30 years.  The library continues to offer the latest in current titles and topics for its patrons and will return on site in its Lovell Room beginning September 29th.  Books Over Coffee is hosted by Stratford Library staffer Linda LiDestri.

Current bestsellers and notable authors mark the selections chosen. Opening the series on September 29th will be a discussion of Kevin Wilson’s one-of-a-kind novel, Nothing to See Here.  A young woman, Lillian, is asked by her friend to be caretaker for her husband’s twin step kids, a pair that can spontaneously combust when they are agitated, flames igniting from their skin in a disturbing but beautiful way. Lillian and the twins learn to trust each other – and stay cool – just as her friend’s family is bracing for a major announcement.  The novel received glowing reviews upon publication last year.

Other titles for discussion in 2021 will be Laura Dave’s current bestselling mystery, The Last Thing He Told Me on October 27th, I Want You To Know We’re Still Here by Esther Safron (November 17th) and Oona Out Of Order by Margarita Montimore (December 22nd).

Copies of all books are currently available for loan at the library’s Circulation Desk.  The titles are also available for loan on Kindle and Nook eReaders.  The discussion programs are free and open to the public.

“Books Over Coffee” will be held in the Stratford Library’s Lovell Room beginning at noon each month.  Participants who wish to take part via Zoom should call the Library at 203.385.4162 in order to be sent a link.

For further information and/or a 2021 program schedule, visit the Stratford Library at 2203 Main Street or call its Public Relations and Programming Office at: 203.385.4162.  Timely information is also available on the library’s website at:





Get Down and Dirty on Saturday

 Sterling House Fundraiser

Still Time to Register

We’re Back and We’re Dirty Again!

Run, walk or crawl your way to the finish line – as you get sweaty, sandy, dirty and wet along the way! Best of all, you are in it to win it for Sterling House- All proceeds will benefit our programs and services.


Holy Name of Jesus Food Bank

Tuesday, September 14th

Drive-Thru Food Pantry

Holy Name of Jesus Church
1950 Barnum Avenue, Stratford CT

Tuesday,  9/14, 3-4 PM

To encourage social distancing and help limit the spread of COVID-19, the Stratford Health Department, CT Food Bank, and Holy Name of Jesus Church have partnered to offer a drive-thru food pantry.  We ask for all those attending the drive-thru pantry to adhere to the following directions:

 Stay in your car at all times

 Pop your trunk (if possible)

 A pre-selected bag of food will be placed in your car

 One bag per car, identification



Ride the Wave

Tidal Wave Flea Market

Every Saturday from 8am – 2pm through November 13th!

Stratford locals and professional sellers from near and far will be there with a river raft of trinkets, treasures, and stacks of stuff! You never know what you’re gonna find at The Tidal Exchange! Come find what you are looking for in Stratford this Saturday, and Every Saturday, through November 13!

You can’t get enough stuff and you know it! If one is good, two is better! And if two is better, a baker’s dozen might scratch that itch!

Around each and every corner is there’s another chance something special is going to jump out at you! If Captain Kidd really buried his treasure right off the Connecticut coast, just imagine what you can dig up in Stratford!

As many as 75 Vendors from far and wide gather to strut their stuff in Stratford Connecticut Directly off Interstate 95. Every Saturday from 8am – 2pm through November 13th!

Tools, Toys, and old tractor seats! Vintage, vinyl, a veritable treasure trove of stuff! Handmade, homemade or hauled in from somewhere or another!

Vintage Valhalla! The Antique Acropolis! Tool Town! The Dollar Depot!

A Food Truck Fiesta! (come hungry)

Tag Sale booths too! Have your tag sale at The Tidal Exchange

Free Parking all day
Free admission after 12 p.m.
Early Buyers get the pick of the litter for $10 between 8 a.m.- 9 a.m.
From 9-12 p.m. it is $3 per person
Friends and families are welcome for $5 for up to 5 people.
Vendors can still reserve spots at…/CTEventsUnli…
Find out more at:

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You for all Your Support for this Great New Event in Stratford! 

Ahoy Matey Forget Football – Learn About the High Seas and Famous Ships

Sunday Talks at the Stratford Library Returns

Speaker Bill Preinitz Offers Four Talks September 12th – October 24th
Zoom with us on Sunday September 12th at 2 p.m.

The Stratford Library will begin the new season of its popular “Sunday Afternoon Talks” series of informative and entertaining talks featuring prominent local guest speakers with four historic talks beginning Sunday, September 12th.

The talks, presented on the Zoom format by Bill Preinitz, are free and open to the public.

“Pursuit & Sinking of the Battleship KMS Bismarck”
Guest speaker: Bill Preinitz
Sunday, September 12th
On Zoom 2 p.m.

The KMS Bismarck, a battleship 800 feet long, 50,900 tons fully loaded, with 8 15-inch main guns and a 16 4.1 secondary gun battery was the most powerful ship afloat in the Atlantic, and indeed, the world at the time of its first deployment. Accompanied by the heavy cruiser KMS Prinz Eugen, she lay waiting in a Norwegian fjord north of Bergen, for her chance to breakout into the vital convoy routes of the North Atlantic. Commanded by Admiral Gunther Lutjens, leader of the successful sorties of the KMS Scharnhorst and KMS Gneisenau earlier in the war, she was a grave threat to Britain’s supply chain to America.

The disastrous Battle of the Greenland Straits, which cost the British their largest ship, the battle cruiser HMS Hood, and crippled the new battleship HMS Prince of Wales, sent the entire Royal Navy a shocking message. As the Royal Navy sought to bring the Bismarck to a reckoning, a series of almost incredibly improbable events played themselves out on the stage of the gray North Atlantic!

“Ships for Liberty-The Revolutionary Vessel that Saved the Allies”
Guest speaker: Bill Preinitz
Sunday, September 19th
On Zoom 2 pm

Simply and quickly built, lacking many crew amenities, the Liberty ship was the “Ugly Duckling” of the Battle of the Atlantic. The Liberty design was conceived in response to an early recognized problem of a worldwide shortage of medium size general purpose cargo ships. Their direct ancestor was the World War I Hog Island freighter design. The Liberties were the first ship to be built using assembly line technology. They were thus assembled from components that were produced at a distance from the shipyard’s ways, in some case hundreds of miles from the ocean. By the end of 1942, these components had so grown in size and complexity that finally their only constraints were the dimensions of the railroad tunnels and the carrying capacity of key bridges across the U.S.! They fundamentally changed shipbuilding philosophy and so played a critical role in sustaining the vital flow of war material in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters. Prefabrication, simplified designs, and rigidly enforced production line methods allowed the US to fully replace the catastrophic losses of the early war period. Later modified into no less than 8 major variants, the Liberties consistently fulfilled the ever-changing
requirements of a global war.

Bill Preinitz is a Chicago native currently residing in Weston. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics, a B.S. in Finance, and an M.B.A. from Northern Illinois University. His career began with a brisk and transformative experience in the U.S. Army and has, subsequently, held management roles in consumer banking and publishing in Chicago.

A job relocation to Manhattan led to an over 25-year long investment banking career. After retiring eight years ago, he immediately authored two books and has a special focus on the history of Rome, the American Civil War and World War II. He has also been a guest speaker at Weston Public Library on various international/military/security topics. The upcoming schedule for October at the Stratford Library includes:

“Early Anglo-Saxon Britain & Royal Ship Burial”
Guest speaker: Bill Preinitz
Sunday, October 17th
On Zoom 2 p.m. (Also simulcast in Lovell Room)

“The Treasures of Sutton Hoo & Current Investigations”
Guest speaker: Bill Preinitz
Sunday, October 24th
On Zoom 2 p.m. (Also simulcast in Lovell Room)

The Farmers Market

The Farmers Market will continue its tradition of starting early on Labor Day so everyone can get the freshest food for their family meals on Labor Day.

The market will start at 10AM! The Gazy’s will hold down the fort until 5PM. The rest of the team will be there mostly until 2PM.

Relax, Breathe, and Be Positive

Stratford Library Offers Guided Meditation Program

Four On-Site Classes Set September 9th – 30th

by Tom Holehan
Public Relations & Programming
Straford Public Library

The Stratford Library will host a live, on-site series of guided meditation classes hosted by Stratford’s Laurie Trupp beginning Thursday, September 9th from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. The program, to be held live and in person in the Library’s Lovell Room. It is free and open to the public.

Guided Meditation promotes relaxation and calm. A relaxed state is good for one’s heart, blood pressure and overall physical health. Through the various meditations offered in the class, participants will learn to detach from troubling thoughts, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. A focus on personal breathing and posture can also help to increase energy, mindfulness and concentration. This ancient discipline will help one to develop awareness to be fully present in the moment.

Laurie Trupp is a Stratford resident, an artist and a certified Kripalu Yoga and Meditation Teacher. For over 17 years, Laurie has been teaching gentle yoga, chair yoga and guided meditation in Stratford, Trumbull and Milford. Laurie graduated with a BFA from the University of Bridgeport, and received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

Besides a lifelong passion for yoga and meditation, she also enjoys oil painting, hiking and organic gardening. Her love of nature is a theme often woven throughout her teachings.

Guided Meditation at the Stratford Library will be held on four consecutive Thursday mornings September 9th –30th starting at 11 a.m. Space is limited to 20 participants per class and registration is required (beginning August 18) by visiting:
For further information, call 203.385.4161.

Biking for Domestic Violence

The Center for Family Justice

Alan Masarek, an avid bicyclist and Co-Chair of the Empower House fundraising drive, is cycling 3,800 miles as a pledge challenge benefitting the newly acquired double-sized The Center for Family Justice (CFJ) Safehouse, currently under renovation.

The Bridgeport-based nonprofit, The Center for Family Justice, 735 Fairfield Avenue, celebrates its 126th Anniversary this year. During Covid in 2020, domestic violence grew by 40% in the region, causing a critical shortage of housing for victims seeking refuge. With plans to open in 2022, the new Safehouse will provide temporary housing and support services to domestic violence and human trafficking victims primarily from Bridgeport, Fairfield, Monroe, Stratford, Trumbull and Easton.

Debra Greenwood, President and CEO at The Center for Family Justice said, “Talk about going the extra mile! Alan is going the extra 3,800 miles! He’s pedaling to protect victims of domestic violence and we are blessed to have him as co-chair of our Empower House fundraising team”.

Masarek, who is riding alongside 20 bicyclists in the Trek Bicycle “Bucket List” trip, which commenced on August 18th in Portland, Oregon, decided to structure his ride as a fundraising campaign for the Empower House Safehouse. He hopes to generate enough corporate sponsorships and donations on his Empower Ride to close a 40% fundraising gap in the $3.5 million dollar project. His trip ends on October 3rd in Portland, Maine.

Masarek will be cycling for 47-Days, and travel 3,800 miles.  His itinerary and progress will be tracked on the EmpowerRide page at

Donors can sponsor him with a $100.00 per mile pledge or make donations in any amount. Masarek’s daily cycling adventures will be posted on CFJ’s social media sites.

If you, or someone you know need emergency housing and support services for domestic violence abuse, call the Center for Family Justice’s hotline at 203-384-9559 for immediate help.