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2023 Stratford Rotary High School Award Recipients:


The Rotary Club of Stratford was honored to have the students, their families, and faculty as our guests for lunch at the Blue Goose Restaurant as we awarded the scholarship recipients from Stratford High School and Bunnell High School. We congratulate and applaud these magnificent students and the promising future they will bring to improve all our lives.

Bruce C. Carr Memorial Activist Award

Bruce C. Carr was a wordsmith.  Words were his tool and power.  He had long career of editing books and magazines including providing proof and for every name and fact in Time Magazine for over 35 years.  Bruce and his partner Harold were activist GLBT rights, Women’s Rights, Same Sex Marriage, and believed that everyone deserves their civil rights – this is what makes a democratic nation.

Isiah Johnson      (Stratford HS).  Pictured with his Grandmother and Harold Watson

Besiana Egriu         (Bunnell HS).  Pictured with her Mother and Harold Watson

Julian Marottoto   (Bunnell HS).  Pictured with his Parents, sister, and Harold Watson.

Vocational & Technical Award

David Pacheco    (Stratford HS).   Pictured with his Mother and Rotarian Mike Suntag

Heather Stone    (Bunnell HS).  Not attending – Asst. Prin. Christopher Cox accepting award from Rotarian Mike Suntag.

Vermylia Academic Scholarship

Marelis Rivera –   (Stratford HS). Pictured with her Mother and Pat Putusky, Rotary Foundation

Chaplowe Academic Scholarship

Amos Colocho.  (Bunnell HS) Pictured with his Mother and Pat Putusky, Rotary Foundation


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