Thursday, June 13, 2024

Announcement!  Announcement!


The Stratford Volunteer Corps is now live!

Give the Gift of Time

The Stratford Volunteer Corps (SVC) is a program supporting the volunteer needs of the Stratford Public Schools and other entities. A division of Stratford Forward, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to supporting and connecting our community, Stratford Volunteer Corps matches volunteer’s talents with community needs. It is built on a software platform that makes it easy to sign up and be connected.

The Stratford Public Schools (SPS) are our initial focus. The schools are recovering from Covid, where they lost years of learning due to a shortage of teachers. The schools were not able to fill many teaching positions, and classes have grown in some schools to up to thirty-two children in a class. Chronic absenteeism is up to 28%. These issues are not unique to Stratford, but the volunteer corps is!

The Stratford Volunteer Corps is working directly with Superintendent Dr. Uyi E. Osunde and the SPS to help support our children and teachers.

It is our responsibility as a community to lift each other. We help the kids, and we add real meaning to our own lives.

So please consider giving the greatest gift of all. Give the Gift of Time.

Just go to our website, and register. It’s easy to do. Then find the listed need for which you’d like to help, and click on that. This will initiate the process and those staff members posting for a mentor will get an email telling them of an interested volunteer. We are currently rolling out the program at Franklin School and Stratford Academy.

We need mentors, people who just get to know the child and become a support, who understand some of their emotional issues and provide guidance. And we need tutors, who are often readers, and math and science helpers.

We have volunteers giving an hour a week to sixteen hours a week. It all depends on you. There is total flexibility.

So in this season of giving and getting, please consider volunteering. 

Feel free to email David Chess at


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