Monday, May 27, 2024

Baldwin Center Announcements


Dancing, Art Show, Fuel Assistance

Our 3rd Baldwin Gallery opened last Friday.  The local artist is Charles Marqua and we will be featuring his paintings through March 3rd.  Charles Marqua is a Connecticut-based artist.  His ‘Beaux Arts’ education in Architecture and Art, his career in Architecture, and his travels inform his work.  Dr. Marqua explores his personal sense of place and time in his current series.

The Personal Places Series includes the Florida, Canada, Great Salt Marsh, Long Island Sound, Arizona, and Flora works.  The medium for these originals are either watercolor on paper or acrylic on canvas.  Sizes vary.  Giclée canvas wrapped prints can also be ordered in many custom sizes.  The artist may also be commissioned to interpret your own personal place.

New Activity:  “The Senior Connection Dance Party” on Friday, January 20th at 1 p.m.  We supply music, refreshments and dance the afternoon away!!

Important:  The elevator is not working and we just missed the 3 year warranty window.  The repair company is very busy so we do not have a start date for the repairs.  We are reviewing scheduled classes/activities to try and move as many as we can to the first floor.

Operation Fuel’s winter season has started.  They have increased the financial guideline and are allowing anyone to receive up to $1000 in oil even if they have already been awarded oil from Energy Assistance.

We have a new roof!!


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