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Christopher Cormier

Christopher Cormier is an elementary school educator in Bridgeport who believes his experience in the classroom, his previous experience in project management, and his community service activities make him an ideal candidate for election to the Stratford Board of Education on November 2nd.

Chris is a Hartford County transplant of 23 years.  He and his husband Jonathan lived in Bridgeport before moving into their home in District 2 16 years ago.  They are raising their 4 energetic and unique boys:  Jackson age 7, Ryan age 9, Steven age 11, and Aaron age 12.  All of the boys have attended Stratford Public Schools since they were Franklin Preschoolers, and are students now at Franklin, Chapel and Wooster.

Chris is a second career teacher.  He has just entered his 10th year as an educator and currently teaches 3rd grade at Edison Elementary School in Bridgeport. After a career in project management and commercial real estate, Chris decided to make a major life change and pursue his passion of being an educator.

In 2007, Chris earned his Masters of Science degree in Elementary Education at the University of Bridgeport. Chris also holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Management, Economics & Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University, and an Associates of Science degree in Finance & Banking from Norwalk Community College.

He is also a graduate of Parents SEE (Parents Seeking Educational Excellence)-Cohort 6.  This gave Chris the chance to consider how his voice could be used as a tool for change, and enabled him to advocate better for his children and his students.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Chris serves as the Bridgeport Education Association Building Delegate, Building Systems Operator (IT contact), Parent Advisory Council (PAC) member, School Governance Committee (SGC) member and has served on the board of the Franklin Elementary School PTO for the past 5+ years.

He is also co-chair of the Stratford Democratic Town Committee’s (SDTC) Lord’s Kitchen Planning & Serving Committee, which serves 75-100 hungry Stratford friends on the DTC’s assigned days each year.

“Our platform is based on transparency and access.” Chris says.  “We believe that there is a hindrance in the sharing of information coming from the BOE.  We are in a unique situation where we have a new superintendent.  This gives us the opportunity to foster a strong working relationship with the administration that is built on collaboration and clear expectations and the sharing of requested information.  For too long, the relationship between the BOE and the administration was reversed.  The Board and Administration should collaborate, but it should be clear that the Administration answers to the Board, and not the other way around.”

4 issues that Chris has zeroed in on as some of his main concerns are:

  • Ensuring equity across the District.
  • The need for better advocacy for Special Education
  • Investing in Teachers and their classrooms.
  • Revamping the current BOE meeting protocols by allowing members of the public to speak on any issue they need to during public comments, not limited to the meeting agenda.

Contact Chris at [email protected]


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