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Community Conversations


Discourse on Schools, Local Street Issues Top Topics at Latest Meeting

By Greg Reilly

Just two days after Stratford’s Town Council chambers was filled with parents, teachers and students complaining that the Board of Education’s proposed budget increase is not large enough, a couple of attendees at the Stratford Community Conversations on March 13th commended Stratford Board of Education Chair Mike Henrick, who was in attendance, for his leadership. Another explained to the Conversations gathering that she felt that the “aggressive” tone of the parents and teachers at the Council public forum was inappropriate, especially considering the example that it set for the children. Using an explanatory, more civil, style at the microphone would have been more effective, said the woman, herself a former superintendent of schools in a different school district.

The Conversations meeting was held at Sterling House Community Center.

Sidewalks and Traffic

Sidewalks was another topic discussed, particularly the call for one to be installed on Broadbridge Avenue between Cambridge Street and North Avenue. There was also a report of a Lordship property owner who removed the sidewalk that was between his house and the street, raising questions about ownership and rights of way. Two members of the Town Council who were in attendance, Alan Llewelyn and Kaitlyn Shake, both serve on the Council’s Public Works Committee and said they would bring the questions and concerns report to their committee.

Other attendees talked about the difficulty of making a turn onto Barnum Avenue Cutoff from Veterans Blvd when heavy traffic is exiting from Home Depot. Stratford Police Captain Robert Burroughs reminded the group that issues like the timing of traffic signals and other street issues can be brought to the attention of the Town Traffic Authority by visiting

Community Conversations meets every three weeks at various venues to discuss local issues in a positive, non-critical way. Topics are up to the attendees. All Stratford residents, businesspeople, community leaders, government leaders and staff are invited. Attendees may simply listen or join the discussion. There is no charge to attend.


The next Stratford Community Conversations is set for Wednesday, April 3, 6:30-7:30 p.m., at the Unitarian Universalist Church at 278 Huntington Road.

For more information, contact resident and moderator Greg Reilly at


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