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Computer Maintenance You Can Do Yourself


By Gregg Allen
The Working Computer, LLC

The Stratford Crier is proud to announce “Computer Maintenance You Can Do Yourself,” a new monthly column by Gregg Allen, a computer educator and owner of The Working Computer, LLC. The column will offer helpful information regarding Personal Computer maintenance, geared toward the home user. Our goal is to give readers some helpful tips on how to perform basic maintenance tasks to keep their home computers “healthy”.

Computer Maintenance, what is it?

Many people anticipate that computer maintenance means repairs or upgrades at a significant cost.  However, Personal Computer Maintenance in this context consists of preventative measures you make to ensure the smooth operation, performance, and longevity of a personal computer, whether Windows or a Mac. It involves tasks aimed at preserving both the hardware and software parts of a PC. If there are existing issues that could lead to problems, proper regular maintenance can help reveal and then address them before they lead to system failure or data loss.

Preventive maintenance to help your PC run smoothly includes:

  1. cleaning the hardware components to ensure proper ventilation
  2. updating software and drivers
  3. implementing security measures like antivirus software and firewalls

All these measures help to prevent problems like system slowdowns, crashes, and malware infections.

Corrective maintenance, on the other hand, deals with troubleshooting and resolving issues that have already occurred, and in some cases may require the services of a professional. This can include diagnosing hardware problems, troubleshooting software errors, and performing repairs or replacements to resolve problematic issues – like slow response and error conditions.

PC maintenance can significantly improve system stability, performance, and security, prolonging the life of the computer and improving its productivity. Regular maintenance not only prevents potential issues, but also allows for early detection of problems, minimizing downtime and potential data loss.

Personal computer maintenance is an important practice that helps users improve their computing experience, ensuring that their PCs remain reliable, secure, and efficient over time. There are few more annoying or exasperating experiences than when your computer becomes a roadblock to your daily tasks.  Proper maintenance can help you, and your computer, make it through the day without overheating! We’ll address these topics and more in future articles in this column.


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