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Editor’s Note: The Stories We Tell


Editor’s Note:““Through the art of storytelling, we can preserve our heritage, educate future generations, and inspire change.”
― Philipp Humm, artist, film-maker

Beginning with this week’s edition of the Stratford Crier, the Editorial Board of the Stratford Crier is welcoming David Wright to our team. David’s monthly column, The Stories We Tell, will profile stories that most of us do not know, or never knew about our town, which will be celebrating our 400 year birthday in 2039. His column will tell stories that have been forgotten or overlooked in our long and colorful history.  David was appointed the Town of Stratford’s Historian on June 13th, 2022. What is the Town Historian’s job description?

“To promote an awareness of and an appreciation for the Town’s history, through research, writing and public speaking; through publications, projects, exhibits, displays, celebrations and commemorations; through the establishment and maintenance of plaques, markers and monuments; and through the preparation of classroom aids, guides, workshops and training.”  Town of Stratford

You may reach Wright with questions and suggestions for future columns by emailing him at:


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