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Give the Gift of Time!


Thank you!

The Stratford Volunteer Corps (SVG) is Growing Already!

On December 8th, we announced that the Stratford Volunteer Corps (SVC) had gone live. While the SVC is meant to serve a wide variety of agencies looking for help, the focus for now is finding volunteers for the teachers that so desperately need them as mentors, tutors, and general classroom assistants.

We are thrilled to say that in this short time, we now have thirty-five volunteers signed up, several of whom have made the connection with teaching staff at Franklin School and Stratford Academy. Stratford Academy alone has some twenty children in need of help. Nichols School will soon be signing on to take part in the program, as well.

Dr. David Chess, Mike Suntag, and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Uyi E. Osunde have together made presentations at several locations, describing the needs of the teachers and the goals of SVC. The response has been overwhelmingly supportive. Suntag, who has been involved in public education for some forty years, has announced that former B.O.E. Chair Andrea Corcoran will be heading the Volunteer Management team. Suntag will be leading the SVC Mentor Orientation and Support program, supported by Heather Borges, Stratford Public Schools (SPS) head of Pupil Personnel Services/Special Education, and Yvonne Temple, SPS Supervisor of Equity, Inclusion, and Engagement.

We invite you, in this season of giving, to join us and Give the Gift of Time!

To learn more about the program and sign up please go to: or email us at [email protected] will be leading the SVC  mentor orientation and support program.


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