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Dreaming Event at Stratford Library


“Dreaming with the Departed”
Tuesday, October 17th from 6:30-8 p.m.
Stratford Library Lovell Room
Free and Open to the Public

Dream teacher Adelita Chirino will host an unusual holiday program, “Dreaming with the Departed.” Chirino will share how dreams can be a bridge to connecting with the departed, and many more wonderful aspects of Active Dreaming. The teacher invites people to come and learn how you can better understand the gifts your dreams may be offering you.

October is a magical month; a time of year leading up to Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, the holiday where traditionally indigenous ancestors honored those they love who are no longer in this physical waking life. It is also a great time to contemplate dreams, and how they might help one to understand death better. Dreaming with our departed allows us to stay connected to those we still love.

“We are never alone when we let our dreams accompany us through life’s journeys,” adds Chirino.  “My passion for dreaming led me to pursue formal training in Jungian and other dream therapies. I’m experienced as a psychotherapist and a spiritual counselor and have delighted in sparking dream curiosity in diverse people of all ages for over three decades. My goal has always been to help people reconnect to this vital resource for personal growth and spiritual development. I am a life-long Feminist and feel uplifted by women of courage, young and old, who are everywhere contributing their strength to fixing this broken world.  I am an educator, counselor, writer and producer who has studied and taught dream work since 1976.”

“Dreaming with the Departed” will be held in the Library’s Lovell Room. Seating will be limited, and reservations are required online at:


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