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Night Safety Program


Be Safe. Be Seen.

Kick-Off December 22nd

Sponsored by Stratford Rotary Club and Little Pub/Surfside Hotel

As the clocks change for fall, daylight shortens and dark come earlier, it’s important for walkers, joggers, bike riders and everyone on the streets to be seen by motor vehicles. The Night Safety Program is slated to be an annual program encouraging pedestrian visibility and promoting night safety town wide.

Stratford residents are invited to sign up for free reflective armband or dog collar and asked to help promote night safety in their communities. Reflective armbands for walkers and reflective collars for dogs are underwritten by Little Pub/Surfside Hotel and the Stratford Rotary Club.

Residents will be able to sign up for an armband or a collar and pledge to promote night safety.  The armbands and collars will be distributed at a central location(s): e.g. Sterling House, Baldwin Senior Center, South End Community Center, Little Pub, and possibly others to be determined..

December 22nd is the darkest night of the year where we plan to kick off the Night Safety Program.

Simple and Effective

  • ✅HIGHLY VISIBLE & SAFE: Excellent 360º reflective bands keep you safe in all weather conditions (rain, fog, dark) at day or night. Super reflective gear can be seen from 800 feet or more.
  • ✅ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Reflective bands perfectly fit men, women and kids, A storage mesh bag is ultralight and breathable.
  • ✅SAFE  GEAR: Safety reflectors reflective bands are perfect for runners, walkers, cyclists, and dog walkers
  • ✅EASY TO USE: Reflective bands are perfect for arm, wrist, ankles and legs. No batteries required.
  • ✅HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE MATERIALS: Reflective bands are made of a top quality fabric material and super-bright reflective silver stripes.

To register go to: the www.stratfordsafe.com website.



    Once more illustratrating Town of Stratford’s proactive prescience in matters of pedestrian/roadside SAFETY!

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