Saturday, July 20, 2024

nOURish Bridgeport Grant


State Allocates $4,995 to nOURish
Future Expansion In Stratford Now Enabled

 This grant, awarded through the Connecticut Grown for Connecticut Kids program, aims to increase the availability of local foods in child nutrition programs while fostering educational opportunities that teach students about nutrition and farm-to-school connections. By building relationships with local farmers and producers, this initiative helps children develop healthy habits from a young age.

“The funding provided will not only bolster nOURish’s efforts to provide fresh, locally grown produce to Stratford residents, but also contribute to the overall economic growth and environmental sustainability of the region,” said State Representative Joe Gresko who represents this district. “By investing in projects that prioritize both community well-being and environmental stewardship, we can lead the way toward a more resilient and prosperous future.”

The grant will be used for the expansion of its hydroponic farm located in Stratford. This investment highlights the organization’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and community development.

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture (CT DoAg) has awarded 53 grants totaling over $2.8 million through the Connecticut Grown for Connecticut Kids program, now in its third year.


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