Thursday, May 30, 2024

Reptile Nook ~~ Snakes, Reptiles & Amphibians on Site


Sunday, May 12th at 2 P.M.
Lovell Room
Stratford Library
Free and open to the public

The Stratford Library welcomes back representatives and their “friends” from The Reptile Nook of Springfield, Massachusetts.

Fascinating animal talk from guest speakers Jess and Zack Decoteau, animal keepers and educators from The Reptile Nook, will showcase a variety of reptiles for the program including,

Bluey, the Blue-Tongued Skink,

Cream, the Corn Snake

Taco, the Cane Toad. 

Ralphie, the Bearded Dragon will also make an appearance, but we do not have a photo of him.

The Reptile Nook is dedicated to teaching people of all ages about reptiles and amphibians hoping to help people both face their fears of these misunderstood creatures and to love and appreciate animals of all kinds. 

No reservations necessary. For further information, call the Library at 203.385.4162 or visit:


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