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Self-Policing Seen as Part of Solutions Cited at Third Stratford Community Conversations Meeting


By Greg Reilly

The need for self-policing was a response to two topics raised by attendees during Stratford Community Conversations #3, held in Lordship at Our Lady of Peace’s Gilmartin Hall on the evening of June 7th.

The event attracted 43 residents from across town, the largest turnout of the three “Conversations” events held since the series started in April. Based on the dialogue, a major portion of attendees lived in Lordship. The owner of Little Pub on Washington Parkway, Doug Grabe, took the opportunity to field questions and let the group know about his hopes to earn one-year-at-a-time zoning approval to use his now little-used lot between Little Pub / Surfside Hotel and Riley’s By The Sea restaurant for food trucks with sale of alcoholic beverages, light musical entertainment, movie nights, yoga classes, and other possible seasonal uses such as rental of kayaks, bicycles and umbrellas.


Self-policing was mentioned by Grabe, who said he would be required to follow the rules of any permit including limiting noise, just as he is now required to follow various rules operating a restaurant and hotel. In turn, persons who legally purchase an alcohol beverage would also have responsibility for their behavior.


A few speakers were highly skeptical of, or opposed to, the proposals. Others were inquisitive, and at least one said she found the activity in the Little Pub area to be appealing and one of the reasons she moved to Lordship.


The need for people to police their own behavior came up again in response to a resident who suggested that motor vehicle speeding was a significant problem in Lordship. Ideas included Stratford Police using heavier enforcement patrols or working with the town on other traffic calming devices, such as speed bumps or electronic signs that flash the rate of speed of passing vehicles.


Speakers pointed out that this has been an issue in Lordship and elsewhere around town for decades, and that in Lordship, for example, it was the residents themselves who often are the violators. Therefore, when asking for police enforcement or speed impediments, the residents were effectively asking for those to be imposed upon themselves. That is when the attendees realized that the residents themselves need to slow down their own driving as at least part of the solution.


Stratford’s 10 Museums

The third topic of the June 7 Conversations was raised by a member of the Town Council, and that was to let everyone know about Stratford Museum Month during June. There are promotional incentives for people to visit some or all of the 10 museums in Stratford. See>events>Stratford-museum-month.


The new Stratford Community Conversations program will continue its every-three-weeks schedule at 6:30 p.m. on June 28th, July 19th and Aug. 9th at venues to be announced.

The series brings community members together to speak about issues in a respectful way and to gain a better understanding of others’ views about life in Stratford. All Stratford residents, businesspeople, community leaders, government leaders and staff, and others are invited. Topics are generated by attendees. There is no charge to attend.

For more information, contact organizer and moderator Greg Reilly at GPRe


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