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The Dinner Club


Editor’s Note:  The Stratford Crier has added a new column to its publication.

The Dinner Club is a small group of local foodies going out to the restaurants of Stratford and the surrounding area looking for new and exciting culinary experiences.

For our First review, we choose Strega at 9 River St Milford

Strega Opened in Spring of 2021.The philosophy at Strega, according to their website, is to “bring the diner to the Italy that we know and love. Influenced by the traditions of several parts of the Italian peninsula, Strega is keen on creating a deeply authentic Italian experience. With a home-grown appreciation and knowledge of Italy’s historical and culinary past, we focus on imported Italian products and are committed to authenticity in our recipes and menu choices.”

Upon walking into the restaurant at the edge of Milford Green, you can see a small Bistro-style dining room with an open-concept pizza station and a bar. The decor is modern and the room is inviting. The only downside to the dining room was the lack of air conditioning. It was not too hot, just a little warm but it was noticeable. The service was prompt and accommodating to dietary restrictions. We started our meal with a selection of the Focaccia bread and the Polpette Di Angus meatball appetizer. The bread was all warm and toasted. The Rosemary focaccia was the favorite of the group. and the Meatballs are a must. They bring up feelings of home cooked classic meatballs and the sauce hits all the notes of traditional marinara. We also ordered some of the drinks from the drink menu one or two of them tasted a bit too boozy.

For our main course, the group got an array of dishes from the Gnocchi and entree menus. We all agreed that the Gnocchi was a bit more dense than handmade Gnocchi usually is, but we were told that the flour used to make the dough is the reason. We were a little underwhelmed by the Gnocchi dishes in general.

We also got to taste the Muscolo Di Mazo, which was beef shank over celery root purée and potato purée and roasted baby carrot. The beef was tender and fell apart as soon as the fork touched it. The puree was delicious, and the dish overall was a hit. The high note of the dinner and best dish of the night.

We also got to taste the Cannelloni Al Forno which was Cannelloni pasta stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella with bolognese ragú. The Bolognese was well-seasoned and the pasta was fresh and tender. It delivered on taste and execution.

Sadly we did not get to taste the pizza so no review on the pizza perhaps next time.

Overall a good experience and some tasty food with room for improvement. Strega Strives for a Traditional and upscale Italian experience but mileage may vary on a few of the dishes.

The consensus of the group is a 7 out of 10 for Strega.


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