Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Juliette Low Park Arbor Day Celebration


Photos: Paul Tavares, Fourth District Councilman
by Joe Gresko, State Representative 120 District

Mayor Laura Hoydick delivered an Arbor Day Proclamation Friday April 30 th at Juliette Low Park on Woodend Road and Sedgewick Avenue. Joined by Third District Town Councilor Paul Tavaras, (the Third District Councilman), State Representative Joe Gresko, Town Councilor Bill O’Brien, Public Works Director Raynae Serra, Conservation Superintendent Kelly Kerrigan, as well as Cassandra Bryant, Ray Boychew and Matt Hurley from Rayzor’s Edge.

Rayzor’s Edge Tree Services donated over $15,000 of tree and grounds work to make improvements, remove dead trees, and plant new ones. in association with the Town’s Public Works Department. Four trees were planted at Juliette Low.

Juliette Low Park, located on Woodend Road and Sedgewick Avenue is named for the founder of the Girl Scouts, and was created by a Town Council Ordinance in March of 1973. The ordinance was introduced to the Council by Second District Councilman James Caraglior. The park was created on the site of the old Sedgewick School and the abandonment of some remnant properties on Woodend Road and Sedgewick Avenues. The park was enhanced and improved in 1975 through the use of some CDBG money.

Listed as a “small park less than 5 acres”, in 2019 a pavilion was built providing shelter from the rain, though no picnic tables or permanent grills, until last Friday when the town delivered several picnic tables for use in the park to acknowledge Arbor Day.


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