Why is the Proposed American Globe Center Different Than Everything That Has Come Before?

By Jim Warren, AGC Artistic Director If Shakespeare is the genius we’ve been taught that he is since our first day of compulsory education, then we have to acknowledge that the ways theatre-makers stage plays today have altered the message and mechanics of his plays over the intervening four hundred years. In essence, Genius Boy […]

Great Meadows Marsh Now Open For Visitors

Restoration of the Great Meadows Marsh A story of land reclamation and ecosystem restoration in Stratford, Connecticut By Mary Lawrence Young, College of William and Mary collaborator to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Great Meadows Marsh, in Stratford is among the state’s most extensive remaining salt marshes. Nonetheless, it has been drastically altered over […]

New Laws Now On The Books Beginning July 1, 2023

Marijuana The 44,500 patients, along with their caregivers, in the state’s medical marijuana program, will no longer have to pay annual registration fees. “This change should create easier access and affordability for patients,” said Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Bryan T. Cafferelli. “If patients were waiting to renew their registration until this change took effect, […]

Gentle Summer Delights: Embracing the Season’s Serenity

By Irene S. Roth sunnyiroth@gmail.com https://irenesroth.com/ Cover Photo By Marko Kelecevic Enjoying the summer despite chronic illness can be challenging, but with some adjustments and self-care, it’s possible to make the most of the season. It can be hard for individuals who struggle with chronic illness to do some of the things that they used […]

Surprise Shakespeare Reveal

June 26th at Special Town Council Meeting On Friday, June 23rd, Mayor Laura Hoydick sent an email as well as their “ponies” (ponies are a package containing the Town Council agenda, minutes, and sometimes documents such as site plans.  Ponies usually arrive on a Thursday before a council meeting at 5 p.m.) to all of […]

Stratford History Never Boring!

2023 Marks Mill River Country Club’s 100th Anniversary… Or Does It? In 1913, the country was prospering, people had more leisure time, and golf fever had been ignited after Francis Quimet, the blue-collar underdog, won the U.S. Open. Construction of new golf courses would double over the next decade. The Mill Hill Golf Club in […]

Mileage Tax

Talking Transportation By Jim Cameron What’s the fairest way to pay for our highways? Any regular reader of this column knows I’ve been in favor of tolls for many years.  Let’s just say that stance didn’t win me any friends… or help make tolls a reality in Connecticut. Why do I still support tolls?  Because […]

Computer Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

By Gregg Allen The Working Computer, LLC www.gta.earth The Stratford Crier is proud to announce “Computer Maintenance You Can Do Yourself,” a new monthly column by Gregg Allen, a computer educator and owner of The Working Computer, LLC. The column will offer helpful information regarding Personal Computer maintenance, geared toward the home user. Our goal […]

Mark Your Calendar

Monday July 3rd, Paradise Green Farmer’s Market, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Vegetables, fruits, food, crafts, non-profits, come one come all! “Forest to Shore StoryWalk Tour”.  StoryWalk 2: June 27th at Clover Field until Tuesday, July 4th.  A StoryWalk is a book, with pages separated and laminated on wood stakes that are placed along a […]

Bridge Replacement on Barnum Avenue Cutoff

State Representative Joe Gresko, (D) 121st Connecticut House District Dear Neighbor, Drivers can expect delays because road work is underway to replace a bridge on Route 1 (Barnum Avenue Cutoff) over the Metro-North Railroad. Crews are reconstructing 1,200 feet of Route 1 to install new retaining walls and to improve pedestrian safety with new sidewalks. […]