Saturday, July 20, 2024

2nd Annual Art of Aging Healthy Living Expo


Stratford Health Department and Baldwin Center Sponsors

Friday, October 20th – from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Baldwin Center, 1000 W. Broad Street, Stratford, Connecticut
Free Admission

The Stratford Health Department and the Baldwin Center are proud to announce the upcoming “Art of Aging Healthy Living Expo,” a collaborative health fair aimed at promoting wellness among senior residents.

The “Art of Aging Healthy Living Expo” promises an enriching experience for attendees, featuring a wide range of activities and resources designed to support a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. From rejuvenating reiki sessions to soothing chair massages, a cooking demo to aromatherapy, participants will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of holistic health. Additional activities include meditation sessions, a CPR demonstration, valuable giveaways, and access to nutritious and tasty snacks. In addition to the exciting activities and resources at the “Art of Aging Healthy Living Expo”, we are pleased to announce that flu vaccinations will be available on-site. Furthermore, COVID-19 vaccines may also be offered as soon as they become available.

“We are excited to collaborate with the Baldwin Center again to bring the ‘Art of Aging Healthy Living Expo’ to our community,” said Andrea Boissevain, Stratford’s Health Director. “This event underscores our commitment to the well-being of our senior residents. We believe that fostering a sense of belonging and providing access to resources for healthy living is vital to promoting a high quality of life.”

Tamara Trojanowski, Community Services Director at the Baldwin Center, expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming event. “The ‘Art of Aging Healthy Living Expo’ is a celebration of aging with grace, strength, and vitality. It is an opportunity for our seniors to explore new avenues of well-being and engage with their peers in a warm and supportive environment. We invite everyone in the community to join us and make this event a success.”

The “Art of Aging Healthy Living Expo” is open to all senior residents of Stratford and the surrounding areas. Attendance is free, and participants are encouraged to take full advantage of the diverse activities and services available. We look forward to a day of inspiration, connection, and empowerment as we embrace the art of aging with health and happiness.

For more information about this event please contact: Walter Owusu, MPH 203-385-4090.


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