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A Will’s Not Enough


Feng Shui and End-of-Life Planning Helps Us Live our Best Lives

By Joan Law
Feng Shui Joan’s Way

Feng Shui is about living our best lives. And believe it or not, end-of-life planning is also. Just as clutter can weigh us down and hold us back in life it can also trap us in a circle of grief when we lose a loved one. We are currently living in a time of uncertainty all centered around a pandemic that has changed the world. And, while there is hope ahead, many of us have been thinking about what if we must face the unthinkable.

“Death, taxes, and childbirth! There is never a convenient time for any of them!” These are the famous words of Margaret Mitchell of “Gone with the Wind” fame. Before Margaret there was Ben Franklin’s famous quote, “…in this world nothing can be certain but death and taxes.”

We Never Stop Learning
I pride myself on being a life-long learner. As a natural progression of my own work to help others approach life’s yin and yang or ups and downs with intention, I have added a new service. I am excited to announce that I am now a certified End-of-Life Doula . In a nutshell this means I am certified to help folks and their families navigate an end-of-life plan in a loving and positive way.

New Tool in the Toolbox
In my work and in my own life journey I continue to make connections that have led me to the conclusion that this new area of study will help me better serve my clients. My intent is to utilize this new area of study as a tool in my toolbox rather than make it an adjunct “profession”.

Much of the work I do in the realm of clutter-clearing or downsizing is with widows and widowers. And, from my work and my own life experience, I know the task of “the letting go of” or “the re-imagining of” sentimental things is a big deal.

What one of my clients said recently in a Goggle review might give you a window into this process, “I do not know how to write a review for a person who has done so much for me. I am a mid-50’s widower who was totally lost as to how to even start to downsize following my wife’s passing. Joan stuck with me through my most difficult days and always knew the best solution to challenges I was facing.”

I believe my new certification will help me offer better counsel to clients as I work with them to move forward after a loss.

Manage Life and End-of-Life with Intention
Clutter-clearing or downsizing utilizing Feng Shui principals is about managing our environments with intention. So is end-of-life planning. It is about creating an energy and environment around the process of death with intention. Knowing what and who you or a loved one would like around them as they transition, as well as how one’s possessions are to be retained and remembered can be a positive and meaningful exercise.

My son says with a smile, “hey mom, now you can Feng Shui people’s after lives too!” I’m sure that statement is raising a few eyebrows right now. But perhaps it is not too far off the mark. Creating positive intentions helps folks live a better life. Creating positive intentions for end-of-life allows this inevitable certainty to be compassionate and loving.

You might find this link to a wonderful interview about being an End-of Life Doula interesting: WTNH Interview: Ann Nyberg and Suzanne O’Brien

The non-profit organization, Aging with Dignity promotes “National Healthcare Decisions Day” each year. This year it is on April 16, 2021. This organization has created a “Five Wishes” form that is designed to help individuals and families begin a conversation about the important stuff. I will tell you; it will not be about the “things” you own. It will be about the people you love.

Email me your snail mail address and I will mail you the “Five Wishes” form to keep for yourself or to utilize for a loved one. If you find that you or your loved one needs assistance in filling out the “Five Wishes” document, I am most happy to help!

Be Well,


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