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An Open Letter To Women Who Shop Alone


Shopping Safety Advice

Photo By Aris Sfakianakis

An open letter to all Stratford ladies who shop alone

My friends,

There has been a wave of purse snatching, car hijacking and other violent acts in Connecticut’s parking lots. Our freedom to shop safely is threatened. Therefore, we need to unite and fight back.

The following is the first tactic thought by one brave woman. Keep reading and, hopefully, you’ll feel called to adapt the strategy:

  • Keep your cards, money and keys in your pockets or a fanny pack tacked under your shirt.
  • Wear the schmuckiest purse you can find and are happy to get rid of.
  • Put one of the following notes in the empty purse, or compose your own version:
  1. God is watching you. Repent.
  2. What would Mama say?

Beside saving your ID and cash, this may work psychologically on the would-be thieves. Or so we hope. We hope you will never have to use this trick. But should you, please share your experience with our sister shoppers in this column.

Yours in Safety,

Sabrina Cahouli.



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