Puzzle Pieces

Talking Transportation By Jim Cameron There’s way too much news. I’m like a thirsty man trying to drink from a firehose. Every day I read three daily CT newspapers, several CT news sites, the NYTimes, WSJ and then catch the evening news on BBC, France24, Deutsche Welle and PBS. (I don’t even bother with the […]

Don’t Buy American?

“Talking Transportation” By Jim Cameron I’ll never be President of the United States.  Not that I would want to be… I just can’t be.  You see, I wasn’t born in this country.  I’m an immigrant.  And though I’m very proud of my Canadian roots, I’ve been a US citizen for over 45 years:  an American […]

The Panama Canal Is Running Out of Water!

Talking Transportation By Jim Cameron Global warming is affecting shipping through the Panama Canal, delaying US imports of everything from new cars to fuel. Every ship traversing the canal between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans requires 50 million gallons of fresh water, drawn from two man-made lakes in the middle of the isthmus.  But reduced […]

Metro-North To Commuters: Get Back to the Office!

“Talking Transportation” By Jim Cameron Cover Photo By Jim Cameron Metro-North is telling part-time commuters to go back to work.  Their incentive?  Elimination of the 20 trip discount tickets introduced in 2022. After the pandemic when daily commuters were reverting to two or three days a week in the office, the old monthly pass didn’t […]

Changing The Face of Local Politics in CT

By Emily Slatkow press@runforsomething.net Run for Something endorses Anthony Owusu Afriyie for Stratford Town Council, District 5.  Anthony Afriyie is proud to receive the endorsement of Run for Something (RFS), the groundbreaking organization that recruits and supports strong voices in the next generation of progressive leadership. Changing The Face of Local Politics in Connecticut: “I […]

New Rail Cars for CDOT

Talking Transportation By Jim Cameron Finally, some good news for rail commuters in Connecticut:  CDOT has ordered 60 new railcars for service on the branch lines, to be manufactured by French rail giant Alstom (the folks who built the TGV, French: Train à Grande Vitesse, “high-speed train”, France’s intercity high-speed rail service), and are building […]

Union Power

“Talking Transportation” By Jim Cameron In perhaps no other industry than transportation does organized labor have so much power.  And those unions are getting aggressive in their demands. The 340,000 members of the Teamsters that work for UPS are now voting on a new contract giving them better wages and working conditions.  Under the proposal […]

CT Public Transportation Council

Talking Transportation By Jim Cameron Commuters:  who’s looking out for your interests as you deal with our roads and rails?  Good question, eh? Way back in 1983 when Metro-North was created, the Connecticut legislature realized that rail riders need advocate watchdogs, so they created the CT Metro-North Rail Commuter Council, a body on which I […]

Summer Rail Adventures

Off and On The Rails! “Talking Transportation” By Jim Cameron Cover Photo: Naugatuck Railroad Company If you’re looking for family fun this summer, consider visiting one of Connecticut’s many living museums celebrating our state’s rail heritage. The Shore Line Trolley Museum in East Haven (www.shorelinetrolley.com) was founded in 1945 and now boasts more than one hundred […]

American Globa Center Requests an Audience with the Stratford Town Council

By Tom Edward Evans Executive Director American Globe Center The American Globe Center (AGC), a not-for-profit led by Stratford resident Tom Edmond Evans and his producing partner Jim Warren, proposes to build the world’s only timber frame re-creation of Shakespeare’s 1614 Globe on the former American Shakespeare Festival property, coupled with a state-of-the-art performing arts […]