An Open Letter To Women Who Shop Alone

Shopping Safety Advice Photo By Aris Sfakianakis An open letter to all Stratford ladies who shop alone My friends, There has been a wave of purse snatching, car hijacking and other violent acts in Connecticut’s parking lots. Our freedom to shop safely is threatened. Therefore, we need to unite and fight back. The following is […]

New Canaan Branch’s Summer Shutdown

Yet Another Metro-North Misstep “Talking Transportation” By Jim Cameron It’s going to be a rough summer for commuters from New Canaan as they cope with Metro-North’s shutdown of all trains on the New Canaan branch starting Tuesday May 30th to September 1st. TRACK WORK:  CDOT says it’s doing major track work on the branch, including […]

Call To Action:  No Cuts To Rail Service

“How To Kill A Train” “TALKING TRANSPORTATION” By Jim Cameron Our politician friends in Hartford are trying to kill mass transit in Connecticut, worsen our air quality and increase traffic, all in a move that contradicts public policy. They want to cut train service on Metro-North and Shore Line East railroads.  As early as this […]

Same Old Same Old

History Repeats Itself The View/From Stratford; Residents Rally To Save Village From a Split-Up The New York Times By Richard Weizel June 8, 2003 For more than a decade, Robert Blake and Joseph Vescey have lived only a few hundred yards from each other at the Oronoque Village in Stratford — Mr. Blake in what […]

Connecticut’s Drunk Driving Problem

Talking Transportation By Jim Cameron “Connecticut has a drunk driving problem.” Those are the words of CDOT (Connecticut Department of Transportation) Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto in testifying before the legislature recently. And boy, is he right. In 2020 our state ranked third in the nation in drunk driving deaths. And our lawmakers are not setting a […]

Election Redistricting: Dirty Deeds Done in Secret

Opinion by Christopher Cormier, Stratford Democratic Town Council Vice Chair This week the residents in District 2 and many other town residents attended the Stratford Town Council Meeting after hearing that the Council intended to vote on a redistricting plan submitted by the Redistricting Committee.  The entire plan and its changes to the current plan was based on the intent to Gerrymander one council member out […]

Can the Yankees finally win the World Series?

Opinion By Xavier Cromwell McDowell Stratford High School It has been 14 years since they last won the fall classic. It has also been 14 years since they made it that far! For the last 6 years they have made the playoffs: They’ve made the American League Championship Series three times, and lost to the […]

Bridge “Failure”?

Talking Transportation By Jim Cameron On a recent hot, spring afternoon I was waiting at a Metro-North station to pick up a friend arriving from NYC when the platform PA system made an ominous announcement: “Due to a draw bridge failure at Cos Cob the 4:28 train to New Haven is being held.” Drawbridge failure? […]

Work Zone Safety

Talking Transportation By Jim Cameron Visit the headquarters of the Connecticut Department of Transportation in Newington and inside the front lobby you’ll see a strange memorial:  orange safety cones draped in black.  It’s a tribute to the nearly 40 men and women of the CDOT who’ve been killed in recent years doing their jobs maintaining […]

Getting to Long Island: So Close & Yet So Far

“Talking Transportation” By Jim Cameron Cover: Figure 1 300’ (Subchapter H) Passenger Vehicle Ferry Presently being built for March 2024 On a clear day you can see it from the Connecticut shoreline (only about 20 miles away). But actually getting to Long Island often involves a very long, out of the way journey. Maybe you’re […]