Thursday, April 25, 2024

Arts Alliance of Stratford Launches a Youth Artist Initiative


Building a Community just for Aspiring Artists

To engage and inspire the young artists in the Stratford, and surrounding area, The Alliance is launching it’s first-ever monthly meeting just for them.

“We want to build a community…to create a space for young artists of all kinds to affirm and support each other, build their confidence, and for the older youth to develop their leadership skills,” says Mark Hannon, President.

The new monthly Youth Arts meeting is free to attend for our members in grades 5-12. It is modeled after our longstanding and successful monthly arts meeting, where artists meet and exchange their art and ideas, and give and receive positive feedback from other artists in the group.

Each month there is a different themed challenge where artists are encouraged to create art of any kind – poetry, stories, dance, and more – all based on an inspiring image.

“Led by Arts Alliance of Stratford student member and artist Danielle Haniph (grade 11), along with Megan Bonneau McCool, our education director and board member who spearheaded this new initiative after one of our members suggested the idea, we’re excited to reinvigorate our youth programming,” Hannon said.

For the safety of our young members, parents should know that we require all participants be a member so that we can monitor and control access to the zoom meetings.

The first meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 2nd, from 10-11 A.M. via zoom.

For more information and to see this month’s challenge go to:\

About the Alliance
Arts Alliance of Stratford is a nonprofit organization working to build community and enhance the quality of life in the Stratford, Connecticut region. We collaborate with the public, artists, creatives, and art lovers, offering opportunities to learn, teach, create, network, and enjoy the arts. To learn more about the Alliance and its programming, please visit


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