Saturday, May 25, 2024

Back to School Kit from Connecticut Children’s


by Emily Boushee
Government Relations Associate

I hope you have been enjoying your summer! The back-to-school transition can sometimes be an adjustment for families and that is especially true this year given the pandemic.

Connecticut Children’s just launched a Back to School Kit to help families navigate the new school year. Please feel free to share these resources with families in your community.

The Back to School Kit includes:
What to do When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Go Back to School
When Will a COVID-19 Vaccine Be Ready for Kids Under 12?
10 Steps to a Better Morning! Boost Your Child’s School Routine
And much more!

Visit our website for more programs and information:

Happy Birthday Medicaid! July 30th marked Medicaid’s 56th birthday! Medicaid is critically important to thousands of kids and families in Connecticut.

Did you know that HUSKY covers more than one-third of kids in our state? Last year alone, Connecticut Children’s cared for more than 99,000 children who rely on HUSKY, including 62% of the babies who received care in one of our Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs).


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