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Stratford the Beautiful

Stratford Crier Photo Contest

The Crier has launched a weekly photo quiz to acquaint readers with the many beautiful parts of our town.  Crier photographers will publish photos of Stratford’s gems and ask readers to identify the location. First right response will be honored with a free ice cream cone from Goody Bassett, a Stratford Mecca for ice cream lovers.

Email your “guess” to: editor@stratfordcrier.com

Congratulation to last week’s quiz winner Jeff Law who correctly identified the little park/traffic island at the intersection of Elm St. and East Broadway.

The marker, placed there in 1915 by the Mary Silliman chapter of D.A.R., commemorates the oldest mail route in America. The route, which follows the Indian trail, took about two weeks to complete and presented great dangers along the way.

The first post rider made the trip from New York to Boston in 1673

This week’s gem is more in the line of our air travel era and has an international flavor.

A sumptuous ice cream cone from Goody Bassett awaits the first reader to identify the location. Email editor@stratfordcrier.com.


Floral Park Neighborhood

By Patti Sperling
Artwork from Floral Press Facebook Page

The Stratford Crier invites any and all neighborhood groups or associations to send us a short piece (approx. 200 words) about yourselves. We want to provide Stratford residents a glimpse of the varied communities within our town. (Articles may be edited for clarity and space.)

Floral Park

Written by Patti Sperling

Nestled just off Main Street, in between Stratford Avenue, South Avenue and Sherwood Place, is the little-known enclave of homes encompassing what was and hopefully will again be known as the Floral Park section of Stratford.

Rich with Stratford history, it’s a neighborhood of modestly-sized homes, some dating back to 1917, which include colonial-style, Mission-style bungalows (e.g., Sears & Roebuck bungalows), and a few Cape Code and Ranch styles mixed in – about as eclectic as the neighbors who live in them.

A neighborhood Facebook group, The Floral Park Press, was created for neighbors within those “walls” so they could become familiar with the neighborhood and each other. Since its creation, we’ve added 74 members with posts and notifications about all kinds of things – welcoming new neighbors, reports about suspicious activity or package theft (yes, we watch out for each other too), selling of fresh eggs, neighborhood yoga, Pilates classes, and more.

In the current societal climate, we can’t all agree on things all the time, but our little group and neighborhood seems to do its best to keep things in perspective. Our group is great for neighborhood networking too – if someone is looking for help, they ask. If they are looking for home repair services, they ask – and, trust me, we’ve got a few connections right within the “walls” of our neighborhood.

Mussel Up – A Bivalve Lesson

by Angela Capinera
Your Mind in Bloom, LLC

Next time you go swimming in the waters off of Stratford, thank an Atlantic Ribbed Mussel, Geukensia demissa.  Each one of these Atlantic Ribbed Mussels silently filters between 15 and 30 gallons of water daily (about the volume of one large garbage can).  Yes, each one of these little animals whose shells we might stuff in our pockets filters that much water each day while it is alive. Individual mussels can live up to 15 years on average so during their individual life span, they can filter around 164,250 gallons of water in their lifetime. Now take that for one and multiply that by the thousands (or maybe a million plus?) here in Stratford alone. They are hard to count individually.

Geukensia (Latin for “of the family of marine bivalve mollusks) demissa (“low-lying” in Latin)

Family: Mytilidae (true mussels)

Bivalve: “bi” – 2, 2 valves or Latin for 2 sided or folding doors

A few good reasons to love Geukensia demissa, or the Atlantic Ribbed Mussel.

Geukensia demissa do such an awesome job of filtering water there have been pilot programs where they are placed on “barges” made of wiring so they can filter water going through heavily polluted waterways and they significantly improved the water quality and saved municipalities, especially ones adjacent to rivers, money on water filtration programs.

Geukensia demissa filter water through 2 siphon tubes inside their “body” during high tides.  During low tide, they close up their shell tightly with their miniscule teeth that latch both sides of the shell together. Filtration happens during high tide when they unlatch their teeth, open their shells, and the siphons “reach out” and filter water through. They mainly filter nitrogen (usually the result of fertilizer runoff) out of the water yet they also filter other pollutants, including heavy metals like lead and arsenic.  Their main source of natural food is plankton and algae.

Atlantic Ribbed Mussels live in salt marshes and mud flats along the Atlantic seaboard in a symbiotic and necessary relationship with Sporobolus alterniflorus (Spartina). Spartina and Atlantic Ribbed Mussels need their symbiotic relationship, where both are involved yet neither is harmed, for survival. Spartina provides the rhizome root structure for the Atlantic Ribbed Mussels to latch their byssus threads to. The byssus threads grow mainly out of the bottom of the mussel and can attach not only to roots yet rocks and other hard surfaces, including other shells, as well. The byssus threads help the mussels attach in clumps as well and also helps Atlantic Ribbed Mussels spawn during the summer as well. As a result of this these mussels also help secure Stratford’s coastline from erosion. Again, without them, our town would be very different.

Atlantic Ribbed Mussels are often confused with their cousins, the Blue Mussel, due to their blue-purplish-brownish color. Yet the easiest way to tell them apart are the ridges. Like trees, they have one ridge for each year they have lived. Their shell is made of calcium carbonate, the same element we have in our bones. The mussel part is also tougher.  While I have seen people harvesting them (I wouldn’t recommend eating them at all), their “meat” is tougher and has a different taste from the Blue Mussel.

Environmentally, they are considered a “stable” species. They are eaten by birds, raccoons, and different species of crabs.  I have noted in Great Meadows where one week there are secured beds along the roots of Spartina, and the next week, numerous beds have been noticeably removed. Animals only take a few. If people remove them, this will directly impact the saltmarsh Spartina grasses, and sooner rather than later, will impact the marsh’s ability to control erosion, prevent flooding, and filter the water.

Yes, these Atlantic Ribbed Mussels are “free”, yet when people take them to sell to food distributors they are taking a stable resource away from all of us with no giveback and nothing there for reproduction.

The same occurs when I’ve seen people take them out of the channel adjacent to Short Beach.  The water goes into the channel, gets filtered, and then comes out much cleaner that benefits all species that use the beach.  If the Atlantic Ribbed Mussels disappear from either spot, or any other location where they can be found in Stratford, we are all in trouble. Please leave them alone and let them thrive.

Thank you. Many blessings. Have an awesome day.

“Never confuse Motion with Action.” – Benjamin Franklin

Note: In the accompanying photo, the juveniles are the smaller, orange/ yellow colored ones.


Try, Try, Again

No Winner for Last Weeks Crier Contest

The Crier has launched a weekly photo quiz to acquaint readers with the many beautiful parts of our town.  Crier photographers will publish photos of Stratford’s gems and ask readers to identify the location. First right response will be honored with a free ice cream cone from Goody Bassett, a Stratford Mecca for ice cream lovers.

Last week’s photo quiz did not produce the enthusiastic response the picture of Shakespeare Garden had generated two weeks before. But don’t lose heart.

The marker, honoring the memory of William and Mary Beardsley, and the other settlers of Stratford, is nestled, almost hidden, under trees at the intersection of South Avenue and Elm Street.

The Beardsleys and their three little children boarded the vessel Planter in London in 1635, bound for New England. They settled first in Concord, Mass., and then came to Stratford with the Rev. Adam Blakeman and other “first families.” In the 1800s, their descendents in New York State claimed that William Beardsley came from Stratford-Upon-Avon and gave our town its name, according to Lou Knapps’ In Pursuit of Paradise.

Next time you walk by Elm and South, stop and pay your respects.

This week’s photos are from another part of town. The first one to identify the location will win a delicious ice cream cone from Goody Bassett. Yum!

Not Just a Bunch of Grass

Sporobolus Alterniflorus (a.k.a Spartina or Spartina alterniflorus)

Smooth / Saltmarsh CordGrass

by Angela Capinera
Your Mind in Bloom, LLC

“Sporo” comes from the ancient Greek sporos/ spora and means “seed”.  Think of “spore” with fungi. Same word root family.  “Bolus” comes from the ancient Greek bolos/ballein meaning “to throw”.  “Alterniflorus” means having flowers (florus) on alternate (alter) sides of the stem.)

Many years ago when I began my foray into Stratford’s local environment, a gentleman told me looking out on the Great Meadows Marsh that the marsh to his viewpoint consisted of a “bunch of grass” and should be promptly and properly destroyed to build condominiums.  My dear sir, wherever you are now, this “bunch of grass” does much more than meets the eye and has few things in common with the grass on your lawn.

First, the grass on your lawn usually does not consist of local or even native grass. The grass seed may be genetically engineered and/or brought in from overseas. The idea of a monoculture lawn came from European estates.

Second, without Sporobolus alterniflorus, severe flooding would occur on a regular basis, the landscape of the Town would look very different, and Stratford would not be a stop on the Atlantic Migration Flyway.  Stratford would not have several species that exist within its’ borders without Sporobolus alterniflorus.

Sporobolus alterniflorus can often be found referred to as “Spartina”.  There has been some renaming in the last decade due to mutations and closer and more specific genetic sequencing.  Older materials, when referring to Spartina, are referring to Sporobolus alterniflorus.

Sporobolus alterniflorus houses and protects birds, fiddler crabs, ribbed mussels, and snails to name a few. Sporobolus alterniflorus remains a critical component of the local ecosystem due to the ability of the plant to sequester carbon dioxide from the air and water and its ability to survive and thrive in salty and brackish (mixture of salt and fresh) water.

Sporobolus alterniflorus is native to the East Coast of the United States. Sporobolus alterniflorus has been “introduced” in non-native areas for flood and erosion control yet has turned out to be a pest as it will choke out and mutate with other Sporobolus and Sporobolus-type species.

One cool aside: I use the Seek app to help identify and track where I find plants, animals, insects, etc. If you look at the map Seek provides, Sporobolus alterniflorus has only been located in coastal areas, including Stratford.

What about Sporobolus alterniflorus makes it so durable and necessary to our Town’s well-being?  The first step relates to its location.  (Interesting tidbit about it: it does not tolerate shade at all.  That’s why it thrives in marshes.) When you look out on the marsh at Long Beach, especially from July through early November, the tall, green grass you are looking at is Sporobolus alterniflorus. For some reason it’s not as noticeable in Stratford that Sporobolus alterniflorus has a dwarf kind as well that thrive in higher parts and levels of marshes.

Next, like many other things, what lies beneath the peat (decomposing organic material) that Sporobolus alterniflorus thrives in holds the key.  Sporobolus alterniflorus reproduces through rhizhomes (ginger and turmeric are common and edible rhizome plants).

Rhizhomes allow plants to reproduce asexually (no male or female parts needed) by sending out new roots and shoots horizontally and then the plants grow upwards. Rhizomes continuously build a silently growing system underneath the peat that helps Sporobolus alterniflorus “grip” into the peat and thereby keep it and the rest of the marsh from dissolving in major storms. This rhizome system also helps to suck in and holds, in addition to carbon dioxide, massive amounts of water. The marsh in Stratford has been estimated to hold 20 million (yes, that’s million) gallons of water at the peak of high tides.  The marsh couldn’t do this without Sporobolus alterniflorus.

One cool physical feature that shows how strong and durable it is, comes with finding a stalk that has dried salt and peat on it. There is nothing in the world more unique that running your finger up that stalk and having the dried salt and peat on it and then looking at the stalk of Sporobolus alterniflorus and seeing that unlike the grass we have on our lawns, Sporobolus alterniflorus still stands tall and green and has not suffered any type of damage due to the salt.

Thank you. Many blessings. Have an awesome day.

“Never confuse Motion with Action.” – Benjamin Franklin



Future Leaders! Flood Junior HIgh Honors

Fourth Quarter

Grade 8 First Honors
Scarlet Helen Adams, Janiya Semira Antoine, Keira Mills Ballaro, Franco Alessandro Barbalinardo, Addison Olivia Barber, Jenna Elizabeth Bernardo, Allie Madison Borgia, Paulo Buterin, Stephen Anthony Calzone, Anthony Stephen Cavaliere, Tori Leslie Ann Charles, Danielle Joan Ciuci, Joey Darbilli, Anthony Joshua Dennis Eaddy, Valentina Didomenico, Marissa Jane DiPronio, Andre Peyton Eblamo, Krisztian Mateo Elcsics, Xiomara Esquivel, Scott William Ezarik, Paige Victoria Fabian, Melanie Fajardo, Lillian Farrell, Anne Kathryn Forker, Gabriella Sophia Galich, Autumn Elizabeth Gomzi, Ghislayne Chanthal Gonzalez, Simone Kori Lenee Good, Tyler James Grant, Morgan Elomy Mae Grey, Nellie Guerrier, Karl Henry, Brynn Herrera, Kyleigh Anne Higgins, Addison Leigh Huntting, Julien Marcel Jacques, Sadie Debruyn Kowalsky, Aiyana Amelia Leslie, Addison Victoria Lezinsky, Leo Lin, Crystal Luviano, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Marcus, Samuel Edwin Martinez, Layla Yanique McTavish, Anne Grace Mulford, Dristan Ernest Anthony Munroe, Lina Doan Nguyen, Wisdom Chibueze Nwaeze, Otylia Olechno, Eva Siobhain Ortiz, Cesar Padilla, Stephanie Margarita Padilla, Justin Kevin Palma, Briana Lisa Paternoster, Logan Jack Petraglia, Alyssa Nicole Petrashka, Daniel Luis Planas, Darlene Cassandra Pressoir, Amelia Grace Quint, Michael J Reilly, Carina Iris Rivera, Divinity Ayuni Rosa, McKayla Amarachi Ruddock, Matthew Manuel Ruemmele Stirbis, Kevin Ryan, Jaelynn Daisy Santana, Sydney Elizabeth Sedlock, Jose Emilio Soto, Ashlynn Taylor, Crystal Cherie Temple, Leila Ashley Thompson, Kylie McKenna Tote, Sophia Viera, Tay’Jon Jayden Walton, Ashley May Wargo, Saveena Wiggins, Julyssa Lysette Williams, Summer Lee Williams, Leeluh Marie Wilson, Duny Yanes, Keely Ann Zadrovicz, Elliott Ford Zukowski, Giuseppe Jr Zurlo

Grade 7 First Honors
Jack Kevork Avedikian, Stefany Avila Rosales, Emma Kathleen Beers, Maksymilian Bielski, Emily Elizabeth Bohn, Megan Anne Boisvert, Jillian Taylor Borgia, Nicole Marie Branco, Alexa Luz Brown, Kira Paige Bryant, Phoenix Ceballos, Timothy Luke Amor Charles, Baylen Asa Christensen, Stephany Mariela Chutan, Carson Ormand Clarke, Sanaii Renee’ Clarke, Fayrouz Connor, James Jeremiah Daly, Bianka Diaz Lora, Andrea Elizabeth Diaz, Madison Rosalie Dina, Kayla Simone Duckworth, Maurice Eugene Ellis, Chiara Jade Nader Espineli, Aaron Orlando Falcone, Connor Jack Frankel, Alexa Marie Gabriel Tracy, Victor Zion Gachette, Adrian Julio Garrachon, Syeda Alishba Gilani, Liliana Ann Gill, Alexander James Greaves, Luz Maria Hereford, Peyton Lynn Huertas, Greyson Joseph Janicki, Dominic Louis Laros, Ava Rose Layman, Mary Kathryn Llewelyn, Caiden Alonzo London, Jonzelle Martinez, Nicholas Elliott Martino, Mazzlyne Yaya Calixte Maximin, Tyler John McDevitt, Mia Skye Mendez, Grace Anne Miron Dominguez, Kiara Jade Moreno, Brenna Clare Murphy, Sara Ann Negedu, Lumingu Janice Nkuili, Melany Sarahi Oliva Reyes, Carter James Ormsbee, T Maxim Richard Owen, Ashley Pagan Vasquez, Madison Elizabeth Perry, Isabella Maria Planton, Samantha Lena Poniros, Kimberly Christelah Pressoir, Anisa Qendro, Jianna Elise Quinones, Haylee Lauryn Ramos, Isabella Kara Ramos, Donta Smith Ready, David Ribeiro, Natalie Elise Romero, Raeed Diyar Saeed, Alexa Marie Saez, Peter Alexander Salas, Jhael Edwardo Salinas Suarez, Savannah Shamamba Luanda, Aislynn Barbara Small, Madison Skott Solano, Vaida Marie Staffy, Matilda Grace Tote, Sophia Mary Trovarelli, Zoe Catalina Villagra, Janyah Peyton Walker, Ana Patricia Walsh, Kevin Robert Wargo, Autumn Graces Wiles, Emma Grace Zelle

Grade 8 Second Honors
Sharlize Lynnea Acevedo, Madison Leah Aguirre, Joseph W Alberti Ortiz, Jimmy Issac Alvarez, Nathaniel Kirk Banton, Adrian Daniel Batsu, Austin Rene Bernadel, Kelvin Bio, Corey Boyce, Kaylee Nicole Cajas, Britany Sarai Flores Carrera, Yeida Naomi Chuquitaipe, David James Garcia, Naqiya Fumilayo Gbadamassi, Adriana Riehana Hearne, Molly Renee Kenny, Emerson Sharon Kushel, Antoine James Lacan, Richard Marter, Melanie Dayanis Martillo, Junior Alexander Martinez De Pena, Ava Martinez, Zoey Olivia Miller, Alex Junior Ormeno, Nathan Anthony Paulemon, Gianna Patrice Petree, Kevin Nikolas Piotrowicz, Travis Prochette, Rosali Rosario, Noah Robert Schoepflin, Miguel Angel Shaw, Ryan Andrew Siegel, Andrew John Solomon, Maddon Carlos Soto, Nathan Michael Thompson, Jameson Marie Wade, Nicolas Alexander Worobec, Jatana Davida Wright

Grade 7 Second Honors
MiKayla Grace Aquilino, Benjamin Cyrus Atehortua Oliva, Jeacary Chris Augustin, George David Calderon, Nicolas Candiotti, Alfred Enoch Daniel, Tyler James Dapp, Adriel Delgado, Portia Dulcinea Fasanella, Kamilah Yamilet Flores, Kayla Lynn Gabriel Tracy, Jameson Luciano Gill, Kayden Jah’miere Gregoire, Ishshael Antonasia Johnson, Edward Hisao McGettigan, Alisha Marvens Meranville, Syed Ali Mohammad, Shea Marie Morin, Anthony Ortiz, Christopher Aiden Paulemon, Ava Lynn Perez, Jahsiyra Jada Phillips, Aliyah Marie Pirro, Trent James Raffaele, Josuee M Ramos Salguero, Phoebe Belle Rodrigues, Alexander Rodriguez, Dawid Sajdyk, Livia Sampaio Dantas, Shahine Natifa Saunders, Sean Austin Small, Madelyn Cole Stansberry, Ethan Gregory Stegeman, Julia Hannah Tedesco, Jason Alexander Umana, Evan Andrew Vazquez, Esther Marie Williams

A Moment of Nature

Black-Crowned Night Heron

by Angela Capinera
Your Mind in Bloom, LLC

The Nycticorax nycticorax……better known as the Black-Crowned Night Heron….is not uneasy wearing their crown.  (Nycticorax is from the Ancient Greek for “night raven”. “Nuktos” is night and “korax” is raven.)

So I spotted this American Black-Crowned Night Heron at Longbrook Park during the day last week while driving by.  This was a slam-on-your-brakes type of moment.

Black-Crowned Night Herons only usually appear during the day during breeding season because they are seeking extra food for the extra energy needed while breeding. Usually they like to conceal themselves as much as possible. I couldn’t get much closer without scaring it away to tell if it was a male or female.  Males have 3 extra-long white skinny plumes on the top of their head during breeding that arch downwards which can be hard to see without long-range lenses. Males and females are similar in appearance from birth.

Black-Crowned Night Herons are a worldwide species and master hunters.  The American species either remains in its area or migrates from Central America. There are an estimated 50,000 birds yet they are still placed in the “watched/endangered” category due to their high sensitivity to pollutants in the food chain.

Stratford and the East Coast of the United States are areas where Black-Crowned Night Herons tend to remain year round due to a more temperate climate and access to the ocean.  They received their name “Night” from usually foraging and hunting either in the early morning or evening.

Stratford is an ideal location for Nycticorax nycticorax for several reasons. First, location, location, location. Stratford has everything Nycticorax nycticorax wants. There are plenty of freshwater, saltwater, and marsh water sources available hence plenty of fish, insects, rodents, and crustaceans at the top of the food chain to hunt and feast on.

Their long beaks are specifically designed to grab larger fish and insects and they can stretch their mouth out to fit the animal in as well.  They are also a natural source of rodent control and have even been spotted eating rabbits.

Nycticorax nycticorax are scavengers and do go through human refuse to find food.  They actually love landfills Interestingly; they can also tolerate high levels of human traffic.

Stratford also has an abundance of cattails and larger trees over or near water where colonies can roost. Even though solitary foragers, a large group of birds can share one tree and begin their families there. Individual birds and their descendants can also remain and return to the same tree for over 50 years.

Their nests are started by the male in a spot he picks and then the female finishes it. The nests can be up 1.5 feet across and 1-foot high.  Each clutch can have between 3-5 eggs. Chicks leave the nest after 1-month egg incubation and then 1 month of nesting. The parents take turns feeding the young and the young learn to fly at about 6 weeks.

Black-Crowned Night Herons are a prime example of Mother Nature’s shifters and adapters. First, they have several different calls based on the situation. Next, they go through 3 different appearance phases from birth to adult.  Juveniles are brown/black in color with white stripes and a very tufted head with white/yellowish feet and a lighter color bill.  Next, in the more middle “teenage” phase, they are grayish and their bill is yellow/ blackish.  In their adult phase, they have the telltale black crown on their head, black back feathers, and fully black bill.  Their legs also are now orange, sometimes with a pinkish appearance. Their eyes are dark red.

Keep your eyes open because you never know where one will appear!


Reduce or Reuse Plastics

Let’s Make Stratford An Environmental Model

Service Saturdays at Sterling House Community Center

July Service Project: Plastic Free July Challenge!

Sign our Plastic Free July Pledge!

Join Sterling House for the month of July to reduce our use of single-use plastics! Share your tips and tricks to make reducing easier, products you substituted, and new initiatives you learned. Let’s all get on board town-wide to make a leader in environmental conservation, from Forest to Shore!!!!

Join millions of people reducing their plastic waste. Plastic Free July® is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. Will you be part of Plastic Free July by choosing to refuse single-use plastics? Check out Plastic Free July’s Website for even more resources. https://www.plasticfreejuly.org/

Email and send SHCC photos! Email Pam Robertson: probertson@sterlinghousecc.org

Here are some ideas for you to reduce your plastic use this month, and beyond.

Simple changes you may have already made or can eliminate now:
• Use reusable water bottles instead of plastic water bottles
• Use tote bags instead of single-use plastic grocery bags
• Use reusable mugs instead of to-go coffee cups
• Make your Summer BBQs & Picnics Plastic Free! Use reusable plates, cups, and flatware!

Ready for something more challenging:
• Reusable straws rather than plastic
• Reusable cloth fruit and veggie bags for shopping
• Buy in bulk and store in reusable containers
• Bamboo flatware instead of plastic

Advanced ideas:
• Use bar soap rather than soft soaps in single-use containers
• Use waxed fabric wrap rather than cling wrap for food storage
• Use pinwheels, pompoms, bubbles instead of disposable party decorations

This is a great teaching moment for families to learn respect, empathy, and compassion for all of those in the community. Multigenerations, families, and friends are welcome to participate!

Please contact Pam Robertson for more information: probertson@sterlinghousecc.org

Bunnell High School 4th Quarter Honors

Grade 12 First Honors

Hirsi Mohammed Abdi, Jeremiah Izaiah Abreu, Danielle C Ahern, Julianna M Alcantara, Mariah Lauryn Allen, Olivia Andrade, Frank Thomas Ballaro, Samantha Jenisse Batres, Zephania Nyasia Bernadel, Samuel Aaron Boyd, Mi Cai, Brianna Lynn Carroll, Angelina Sophia Cevallos, Daniel A Chalghin, Briana Amaya Checo, Tavaun Sadeki Cheeke, Lauren Elizabeth Ciuci, Jade Claxton, Kevin Enrique Collazo, George Alex Conserve, Haily N Cunliffe, Julia Dabrowski, Madison Elizabeth Derubis, Collin Leonard Durand, Ashley Ann Edwards-Gillis, Gabriella Marie Elcsics, Armand Fabrizi, Vincenzo J Fabrizi, Jennifer Fajardo, Kayleigh Ann Ferik, Elizabeth Patsy Frankel, Jenna Ann Garcia, Sebastian Gonzalez, Aditya Sreenivas Gowd, Toni Brianna Greene, Jonathan M Gulish, Karima Mohamed Hamada, Jamie Aaliyah Hopkins, William H Huntting, Huy Huong, Jessiemae Caneo Iquina, Layla Khattak, Sarah Khouja, Monika Kmiecik, Ethan Louis Kudysch, Emma Lynn Kusick, Sean Michael Leclerc, Guido Anthony Llanos, Brian Scott Lupo, Ganine Marie Marottolo, Carolina Nicole Martinez, Morgan Elizabeth McCreary, Evelyn June McDonald, Melissa Angel Misalier, Paige Jasmine Mitchell, Bailey Ann Mitchell-Warren, Kayla Morel, Michael Thomas Mucherino, Colleen P Mullane, Gianna E Myers, Brianna Nguyen, Aliya Keyana Nichols, Kyle Lazaro Nogueira, Brianna Marie Parzyck, Alyssa Pharuns, Kristen Paige Plastini, Mckenzie R Rassavage, Morgan E Reilly, Alexis Emmanuel Reyes, Kylie Rich, Brandon Lance Rivera, Isabella Anais Rivera, Amaya Rae-Alise Robles, Daniella Jaelynn Russell, Ceezar Cadette Samson, Jason Santos, Samantha Lynn Schulte, Reece Seperack, Qa’on Kacee Shahid, Stephanie Lynne Sierer, Emma L Solomon, Ryan Coy Stansberry, Britney K Szarmach, Cristian Robert Toschev, Cailyn Enith Valentine, Dylan N Vancho, Bruno Viera, Amanda Kaitlyn Wallace, Dameyonie Alexia Jenise Whitaker, Andreana Felecia Williams, Erica Makafui Yirenkyi, Madison Emily Zurlo.

Grade 11 First Honors

Abigail Lindsey Alexandre, Jose L  Almonte, Natalia E Alstrup, Danilzon Andres-Pedro, Alexis J Aquilino, Emanuel Sergio Palmeira Barbosa, Amiya Danielle Bennett, Shanice Bernard, Mikayla Jade Bonilla, Janiya Nelice Brookins-DePina, Grace Ann Browne, Shane Kenneth Burton, Anjel Ezekiel Caban, Ariel Dasani Caple, Natalie Caraballo, Jaileen L Carcamo, Drew H Cardarelli, Jayden Joel Carrillo, Nora Ann Carroll, Patrick Wojciech Chudecki, Jeremy Laverne Conder, Yovanna Christina Cruz, Emily P Csuka, Stephanie Ruth Cunningham, Joanna Czaja, Amaya Queen Davis, Adriana Marie DeBernardo, Alexxis Ivette DelMoral, Nicholas P DeManche, Ka’Niah Amantinique Dillard, Mia I DiPronio, Abby L Duff, Valeria Del Carmen Erazo, Natalie E Farrell, Dylan Reed Feliciano, Meghan A Fenton, Jhon Kelly Fernandez Colon, Mercedes Marie Figueroa, James Darren Galpin, Gianna R Gerardi, Jacob Matthew Gomez, Fiona M Greaves, Tiana Shanice Gregg, Daniel Grijalva, Aidan Philip Grise, Farah S Hamada, Cloe Hanscome, Caitlyn L Haray, Samuel G Harrington, Jonathan W Hylton, Ashley F Ivanko, Alex Francisco Jochola, Jake C Kalson, Grace Elizabeth Kascak, De Andre Corth King, Zinnia R Kling, Michael Samuel LaMonica, Angelica Laszczak, Jessica Laszczak, Kyra Elizabeth Ligas, Nolan L Liscinsky, Rebecca A Lothson, Jordyn K Mariano, Jahnae Marie McKoy, Ryan M McLaughlin, Brendan Francis McNamee, Matthew S Mirowski, Angelo Montes, Rayhan T Negedu, Abigail Happy Nelson, Taylor Rose Niemiec, Kourtney A Palucci, Michael Daniels Perry, Courtney William Pettway, Sa’Niyah Gigi Pettway, Kelsey Ponce, Alison Micaela Pulgarin, Giavona Simone Pulliam, Briana Ruby Quintana, Frank J Ramos, Derek Emir Reyes, Michael Rilley, Julian Alexander Rivera Guaita, Ashley Brianna Rivera, Extasy Julian Rivera, Yanneli Aidah Rodas, Sebastian Rodriguez, Ryan Romero, Joshua W Santos, Mario Solano, Sophia R Solemene, Adam Sowinski, Tyler Sean Stanziale, Flynn J Tolido, Spenser Riley Tote, Mariana Rose Trovarelli, Leann A Vezina, Robert Andrew Warren, Paris I Watson, Daniel J Weyhrauch, Alyssa Andrace Williams.

Grade 10 First Honors

Alexia Afriyie Aboagye, Savana Nneka Alisa, Alexander Raymond Alvarez, Mark Anishchyk, Adrianna Marie Artis, Ti-Anna K Bailey, Natalie Irena Baldowski, Adrianna Genevieve Barbee, Darien Dijoun Andrew Barr, Ardita Begolli, Molisha Belony, Colleen Tori-Ann Bennett, Klaudia Bielski, Christian Lamar Buchanan, Grace Elizabeth Caldwell, Sofia Marie Calzone, Angelique Skylar Cevallos, Jocelyn Rose Ciotti, Riley Elizabeth Cook-Jimenez, Kenneth Elbert Crowe, David Jason Cruz, Timothy John Cunningham, Sofia DaSilva, Samuel D’andre Dina, Carmen A Duran, Besiana Egriu, Mya Imani Ekwuabu, Tara Etienne, Lauren Elizabeth Fenton, Jeremiah Joseph Flores, Hannah M Frankel, Grace Elizabeth Garrigan, Jonathan Michael Gerardi, Jaida Marina Gonzalez, Janeysha Gotay-Ortiz, Nikolas Dimitri Guzzi, Liliana Hernandez, Lauryn Skylar Hill, Julissa Nicole James, Paige Elizabeth Jockers, Adriana Trisha Laville, Courtney Catherine Lecardo, Elizabeth Dearani  Llewelyn, Giavoni Evalise Major, Julian Charles Marottolo, Ana Patricia Melendez Borjas, Haley Elizabeth Mennona, Jonathan Patrick Millien-Faustin, Ella Rose Montagna, Christopher James Monte, Eamon Garrett Moran, Carl Antwone Mullings, Nathalia Liseth Nerio, Jayden Lam Nguyen, Arianna Oliva, Jalexie Ortiz, Jquon Jason Palmer, Jahkai Antoine Pavelus, Jarissa Jamy Kayla Pierre, Sydney Polica, Silver Roberto Puchaicela Lara, Dominic Anthony Puzzo, Brianna Rendon, Audrey Eileen Rice, Mackenzie Rose Rich, Marelis Nicole Rivera, David Filipe Rocha Rodrigues, Kaiah Roskowski, Weronika Maria Rudka, Darren Benedict Ruskin, Erick Leonardo Sandoval, Nicholas Santiago, Damaris Ivelisse Santos, Maurice Scioletti, Andrea Marie Serreti, Mary Deema Siman, Brynne Catherine Smith, Maya Grace Soto, Emma Loren Spencer, Faith Noelle Stirna, Joseph Jaron Tannuzzo, Nathaniel Lee Tantral-Johnson, Ella Grace Tibbals, Elyssa Marie Torres, Michael Benedict Trovarelli, Dannah Rose Urban, Deirdrah Grace Urban, Christopher Valerio, Elizabeth Vazquez, Jenelys Veras, Sarah Isabel Vilarinho, Doujuan Atless Watson, Madison Elizabeth Zbell, Victoria A Zottoli, Isabella May Zukowski.

Grade 9 First Honors

Baeram  Alfreh, Karys-Elise Emmanuella  Almezy, James George Alstrup, Abigail Amy Antoine, Zadquier Eliah Arango Velazquez, Sofia Louise Avedikian, Elizabeth Jane Banks, Cassidy Charlene Battaglino, Melina Isabelle Bednarczyk, Alexander Jadon Binion, Luca Claudio Buffone, Ayden Matthew Burke, Megan Amelia Camperlengo, Camilla Sophia Castillo, Daniella Jasmine Clarke, Marc Kervin Clorissaint, Edwin Christopher Cordero Hernandez, Nicolle Milliana Cunliffe, Gabriela Czaja, Kaliyah Maria Dailey, Morgan Elise Davis, Nathan Fernandes de Lima, Michael Kevin DeVitto, Thomas Anthony Dimatteo, Justine Kate Cipriano Eblamo, Genevieve C Edmond, A’Shiya Tamina Erskine, Jazzmely Fajardo, Jillian Carol Feliciano, Elijah Felix, Caiden Joseph Flaig, Nyla Calise Francis, Ryan Alexandre Franco, Emerald Christine Frank, Isaac Yamil Garcia, Francis William Gill, Yazmin Domonique Goodwin, Christopher James Graham, Daphne Mishell Grijalva, Madeline Jane Grise, Raeshawn Marquise Hasty-Pettway, Annalise Jane Heiden, Alexandre Josepha Hilaire, Batuli P Iboki, Erin N Ickowitz, Emery Rian Janicki, Baka Arrielle Kalemba, Christopher Kusick, Benjamin Patrick Laros, Kaitlyn Marie Letsch, Parris Kyrie Lewis, Raquel Dennise Linares, Katherine Mae Liquori, Richard James Loch, Ashlin Margarett Lopez, Stephanie Elizabeth Lupo, Candace Andrea Mack, Analise Yolie Maldonado, Michael Carlos Marino, Mason W McCreary, Chrismeilyn Medina Diaz, Luc F Mellen, Grace Jeanelle Molina, Christian Steven Montenegro, Terrell Jusiaha Moore, Julia Grace Murphy, Ella M Myers, Helena Gabrielle Naimoli, Benjamin D Nawrocki, Billy Thanh Nguyen, Malaya Alana O’Connor, Gustavo Emanuel Oliva, Jefferson Pagan, Josue David Perez, Gianna Rose Petrovitch, Marvens Pierre, Mikita Polaz, Travis Armindo-Joseph Pushefski, Keeara Carine Rene, Cristopher Reyes Plascencia, Aidan Thomas Reynolds, Jasmin Ribeiro, Aubrie E Rich, Jordan Adrian Ricketts, Kailey Aviana Rivera, Xela Arianna Rivera, Carter Jamesen Rodrigues, Albert L Ruiz, Luke Michael Ryan, Alyssa Marie Sanchez, David Sanchez, Jessica Mercedes Santos, Cole J Seperack, Gracie E Soler, Juliet Hope Stanton, Karolina Isabel Suarez, Keili West Sullivan,

Patrick Jacob Suszek, Arianna Nancy Tarkowski, Christopher Zierre Tate, Madison Marie Thomas Ferguson, Avery Carolyn Toth, Keanne Valdez, Giovani Valentin, Chelliz Tamara Vazquez, Alexander Giorgio Vitiello, Iyana Debra West.

Grade 12 Second Honors

Lailah Juwell Abrahams, Brandon Acosta, Alixandria I Agathos, Yilmaz Aktim, Bailey Barry Angeski, Keeyon Jaden Asante, Ashlie Jaylene Bailey, Dylan Andrew Bauer, Joshua Michael Bernardo, Jesse Daniel Brennan, Oscairis Cabrera, Alicia Gabrielle Cook, Dakota Mackenzie Damon, Victoria J Delgado, James Brookins- DePina, Karla Christine Escobar, Kate Delfina Flores, Christian Michael Garry, Dominick K Gerardi, Ethan Samuel Harris, Sara Jepsen, Nicholas Andrew Kochiss, Daniel Lapinski, Charles John Lembo, Gianna Amaya Marolo, Deanna Faith Martin, Noah Vizian Maximin, Theodore James Frank T Miles, Brenna Marie Morin, Alexis Noel, Dylan Soares Nogueira, Nancy Ifechukwude Okolie, Yenxel Ruben Ortiz Flores, Gabriel Joseph Parrella, Manuel Antonio Planas, Mikaelia Dijonae Reid, Daisey Rosado, Jonavon Chance Shirley, Kara Sinise, Jeremiah Machi Stallworth, Hunter Alexander Stirna, Allex Lloyd Symister, Melanie Michelle Vazquez, Elijah Lamont Way.

Grade 11 Second Honors

Malachi Acevedo, Alexis Marie Anderson-Florian, Kiley Jean Anderson-Florian, Luidghi Albert Apollon, Cassie Faith Auten, Amyra Paris Bernadel, Jose Manuel Bernier, Kayla Marie Dalling, Savannah N DiNuzzo, Hailey Olivia Dunn, Devon Daly Dupray, Alisha Maria Encarnacion, Laila Nicole Gaillard, Sarah Guerrier, Yasmine Kamel, Ryan P Kingston, Joseph L Kling, Daniel R Lombard, Sean A McGettigan, Luke T McLaughlin, Justin Jaydin Modesto, Daisha M Morehouse, Kate L Moss, Richard Calvin Jason Munroe, Vivian Muralles, Charlotte Viviene Parry, Genessa Printemps, Izabella Sofia Quintanilla, Alyssa M Ranocchia, Nazareth Valentina Redzep, Danny Adriel Rivera, Karina Maylene Rivera, Rose M Rodrigues, Justin Isias Romero, Taylor R Rosa, Leilani Cora Sealey, Tanner M Shea, Justin A Siegel, Raymond Urena.

Grade 10 Second Honors

Antonio Aitken, Elijah Xavier Artis, Kamia Tamoy Baker, Cameron Ryan Berger, Nikolas Jonathan Cabral, Andrea Chagoyan, Samuel Cineus, Samantha Coimin, Brianna Latrice Cole, Richard Cortez, Aliyah Elizabeth Fleming, Daniel Thomas Greco, Michael L Harrison, Johanna Celis Izcoa, Emily Jean Marie, Saniya Marie Johnson, Kacper Kulak, Braden William Kurtz, Ryanne Elizabeth Mariano, Delon Mayo, Samuel Edward McDonald, Joseph A McKalla, Eli Miles, Kelvin Keegan Mutambo, Leah R Myers, Caileigh Elizabeth O’Keefe, Anais Elena Oquendo, Hubert Patrick Parzych, Ardit Qendro, Angelina Marie Reyes, Isabella Rose Rodia, Jesse Daniel Ruddy, Mya Michele Saez, Kimberly Salcedo, Faith Lee Sanfratello, Tyler Kenneth Swist, Rohan Lee Terrell, Jourdan Eu’nique Thompson, Nicholas Jeremy Vinza, Soleil Jasmine Wickham.

Grade 9 Second Honors

Alex Jason Aarons, Ryan Stephen Abate, Janaela Kristen Chloe Barr, Nicole Barrantes, Anthony John Bongiovani, Andrea Michelle Ceja, Alyssa Leilani Cortez, Andrew Thomas Cushing, Gabriella R Dasilva, Tommy Anthony DeBernardo, Kristina Michelle Dejean, Niko Alexander DeMezzo, Kendall Rylie Dolan, Rachal-Lee Marie Dressler, Tahlia Marilyn Ellis, Jimena Delcarmen Erazo, Nina Elizabeth Ferik, Daniel Omar Fernandez, Alexander S Files, Natalia Marie Gerardi, Jacob Michael William Greenberger, Joseph J Hall, Vergil Dunkley Hart, Bolelembe TIboki, Alexander Leonardo Kurowski, Cadence Louise Labrecque, Mitchell R Laskowski, Malcolm Lewis, Nathaniel Logan Lucas, Victor Benito Maldonado,

Jaydelle Atillo Maxino, Hezron M Maynard, Litzy Melissa Montes, Connor Robert Morin, Olivia Eden Ortiz, Nicholas David Pelletier, Paris Rhian-Joi Perry, Juliana C Pulgarin, Luna Isabel Rivadeneira, Ashley Rivera, Yerik Gerardo Rodas Martinez, Casey Ryan Rossomando, Nathan James Ryzak, Kamron Sadrieh, Dalesandro Tomas Sarmiento, Shanice Elizabeth Saunders, Jehyzell R Seperack, Ivan M Sistrunk, Jordan Lynette Sowell, Matthew Tyler Stewart, Melodie Caprice Thomas Ferguson, Jonathan Josemia Vernet, Morgan Aiyana Weir.

Stratford High School 4th Quarter Honor Students


Grade 12: Kesheema Allen, Kimberly Tatiana Arenas, Thomas Donald Blaine, Jarvea Rodney Blake, Emily Anne Brennan, Ava Rose Buckmir, Ryan Lawrence Burlone, Charlee Jeane Case, Elvis Jose Castro, Gardy Dawensly Colas, Daniel Kiely Collier, Mary Grace Conroy, Caroline Mary Das, Caio de Souza Stein Oliveira, Diana Santorini DeRosa, Alexis Katherine Detuzzi, Elliot Douglas Fetchin, Leah Eleanor Foito, Christopher Joseph Gangemi, Dominic Paul Agustin Gomes, Katherine Kayla Gonzalez, Camila Alejandra Gordillo Andrade, Joseph Vincent Gottlieb, Trinity Grant-Pereira, Courtney Sage Hutchinson, Andres Jimenez, Ronan Glenn Johnston, James Walter Kiernan, Jade Kitanya Kilburn, Brooke Elizabeth Lacourciere, Kaitlin Ashley Lapia, Penelope Leal, Hanna Patricia Leonard, Tyler Joseph Mackbach, Maxwell A Maria, Anna Elizabeth Mayglothling, Remy James McCool, Mark Ian McFann, Antonio Jack Medina, Andaya L Mewborn, Valerie Mary Morales, Elle Elizabeth Moshier, Yaron Muldganov, Drilon Nasufi, Olivia Grace Navarro, Steven Thien Nguyen, Max Aidan Nierenberg, Elena Lissette Perez, Samantha Nicole Perley, Fedlyne Pierre Paul, Victoria Grace Randolph, Tahjir Curtis Ricks-Burgos, Breanna Nadine Rivera, Ceili Marie Roberts, Terry Ruffin, Kervens Saint Jean, Santos Mekhi-Xavier Salicrup, Matthew James Sargent, Avery Jaye Scofield, Logan Quint Seaburg, Madelyn Grace Shimura, Ciara Louise Smith, Tiara Rose Smith, Erin May Spillane, Dylan Tan Steer, Madeline Grace Swanson, Zackary Walter Terlik, Isabella Anita Tilson, Victoria Toledo, Isabella Rosaria Traussi, Ijeoma Victoria Ugenyi, Savoy Vital Volcy, Ryann Mae Wiltsie, Aleksan Paul Zabaneh, Luke Benjamin Zezima

Grade 11: Emma Afrah Tutu, Amira Agbere, Ka’Leah L Archie, Amariah L Armstrong, Jaylisse Avila, Alexis Jolie Barada, Caitlynn Georgina Barrett, Javier Alberto Bedoya, William James Bileca, Desmond Lamar Billups, Benjamin Branyan, Alyssa L Caramanica, Julie Anne Carbone, Edwin A Carcamo, Andrew Carmody, Benjamin Logan Casinelli, Jayden P Castro, Malachi Korey Christy, Isabelle R Cola, Erin Kate Collier, Madeline Shu Yun Coppola, Rebecca DePietro, Alexia Distasio, Nina G Donnelly, Hanna Pearl Feenstra, Anna K Flockhart, Tamyia Tyanna Fuller, Josiah William Gordon, Jayme P Iodice, Hayley J Ivanko, Darrell Jamison, Seth Samuel Jimenez, Zachary Peter Johnson, Sheila Margaret Jones, Makayla Marie Laing, Emily Patricia Libowitz, Anaya Solange Loiseau, Juliette N Macisco, Olivia G McEwen, Natalie M Melo, Samiya Catherine Menz-Torres, Benjamin Jackson Miller, Mylah Laura Milligan, Leon Duc Nguyen, Morgan Thi Nguyen, Tucker Lee Nightingale, Amanda Eileen Ogrodowicz, Natalie E Orris, Angel Gabriel Issa Ortiz, Karla Perez Fundora, Andy Pham, Angel Alan Roman Rosas, Marie Theresa Sajaw, Niari Anahy Sanchez, Christasia Elain Santiago, Sarah Rimma Shein, Sage Olivia Sperling, Julianna R Taccogna, Jhaelin Thomas, Michel Daniel Torres Peralta, Jadin I Torres, Angelyna Hope Upchurch, Peter R Virgo, Jamila Candace Walker, Ella M Wassmann, Joseph William Wright, Jenna Marie Zajac, Emmanuel Fauricio Zamudio

Grade 10: Njideka Mary Anekwe, Elise Matilda Anka, Ayana Jenelle Atkinson, Jordon Michael Atkinson, Oreoluwa Oyenike Atoyebi, Alex Bilan, Eugene Yeboah Bio, Euna Yeboah Bio, Christopher Peter Bode, Brooke Elise Buckmir, Edward Heli Heber Cabello, Jose Antonio Carcamo-Ponce, Tory Luke Charles, Elena Marlene Clark, Amos Nestor Colocho, Isabella Colon, Maura Catherine Conlan, Amelia Ray Courbron, Gianna Marie DeLaura, Jaylin Fransheska Diaz, David Joseph DiVincenzo, Gwyneth Estrella, Madison Mackenzi Everlith, Ysabella Floran, Tiana Elaine Golding, Kamren Harrell, Emma Jean Head, Tyler James Hutchinson, Angie Samaly Jimenez Amaya, Jovan Randolph Scott Jones, Adriana R Justo, Camron Matthew Kelemen, Jake Matthew Kszywanos, Ngoc Le, Conor Christopher Lesczczynski, Katrina Magdalena Mahoney, Gabrielle Elysse Melendez, Karen Dayana Mestizo, Adriana Mariah Miranda, Alexander Thornton Mocarski, Ryan Ulysses Munoz, Anastasia Briana Muthra, Alexander Mutis, Nathaniel Christopher Nagel, Alex A Nguyen, Daniella Elizabeth Nunez, Olivia Rebecca Orris, David Andrade Pacheco, Madalena Joy Pech, Sophia Maia Perry, Simon Pertuz Guevara, Mya Rachel Raslavsky, Jaheame Reynolds, Ciara Carol Roberts, Taylor Shaniece Robinson, Gabrielle Alexa Ruffin, Jari Jasmine Salinas, Sana Sarpas, Kaydean Nadine Saunders, Emilie Jane Silverman, Mackenzie Lynn Snyder, Yasmin Bukola Sokunle, Franzier Benjamin Soto, Rees Le Stafford, Lintsay Natalie Tejada, Julie Marie Tejera, Kaylene Daniela Toniolo, Paul V Tran, Sierra Rose Troutman, Makayla Marie Tzul, Manuel Alejandro Vera Demera, Kayla Rita Vernet, Megan Elizabeth Wendland

Grade 9: Kimberly Maryluz Asuncion, Chloe G Atkins, Samuel Thomas Baker, Michelle Cristina Barba, Shane Louis Bellantoni, Mackenzie Nicole Benevides, Peggy Amoafoa Boateng, Robert Brice, Allyana Amanda Brown, Avery Elizabeth Carlo, Mary Therese Carmody, Casey Marie Carretta, Marcus Gerald Cavallo, Jaimee Elizabeth Cisero, Katherine Elizabeth Coble, Molly Ann Csonka, Olivia Leigh D’Amato, Daniel Ryan D’Haiti, Cooper Nathaniel David, Francesca Juliet DeRosa, Nina Marie Dickervitz, Joshua Lawrence Dowman, Lauren Elizabeth Eyerman, Kathnie Fabre, Kaleigh Elizabeth Foito, Madalyn Renee Gauvin, Sade Rihanna Gooden-Bracey, Stephanie R Herrera, Antonio R Ingram, Gianna Bella Jeronczyk, Zion Ambiorix Jimenez, Angel Antonio Lainez, Gabriel Fallon Lattanzi, Chloe Colette Leimgruber, Gabrielle Haley Leon, Elijah Christian Lewis, Niyah Catherine Lewis, Eliana Abigail Lopez, Angie Manigat, Myles A Maria, Josephine Haley Mastro, Amelie Rose McCool, Rosendra Wikelly Merveil, Paul Stephen Mushala, Kai A Navara, Mia E Nierenberg, Emmanuel Nunez, Lauren Riley Ogrodowicz, Dylan Joseph Padua, Derek John Paolucci, Isabella Danielle Pato, James Cyrus Peters, Christian Donald Pierre, Thomas James Polchies, Jhoan Emilio Quezada, Madelyn Alyssa Randolph, Mikel Matias Reyes, Jaheishie Lateka Reynolds, Zachery A Rider, Gabriel Joseph Rodriguez, Grace Alicia Romatzick, Kylie M Rosen, Danielle Isabel Santiago, Maliah Anna Servino, Tre Shumard, Travis J Simon, Aaliyah Kim Smith, Andrew Mark Spellman, Gavin Everton Phillip Spencer, Yarisa Marie Tejada, Samantha Rae Torreso, Ariana Samantha Villafane, Kelsey Rowan Welch, Samara Zakia Williams, Ella Margaret Youngquist, Lexi Marie Zajac


Grade 12: Bryana Lee Adams, Garret Tyrese Alston, Naidrea Juanita Alston, Ariella Christina Augustin, Elijah James Brown, Jonathan Matthew Butz, Heather Marie Buynovsky, Layla-Ashley Reese Cesar, Samantha Alexandra Cevasco, Haylie Alexandria Diaz, Julia Rose Dunkirk, Imad Fagrouch, Miranda Grace Fernandes, Kiila Grant-Pereira, Jayden Alec Hudson, Isabella Idarraga, Stephanie Grace Iodice, Kylie Nicole Karaban, Joshua Jelani Lecointe, Marc Joseph Palomar Lopez, Megan Mary McFarland, Olivia Mia Miranda, Gavin James Nagel, Devin Dakota Navarro, Sydney Rayne Olszewski, Faith Nicole Ortoli, Max William Owen, A’Maya Janae Rogers, Jailen Amari Scott, Cam’Ron Lionel Shelley, Jake Alexander Simon, Sophia Belle Smith, Jurnee Ciara Thompson, Aki Zarate Tsutsumi, Aaliyah Colleen H Vargas, Melanie Natasha Vargas, Kyle Louis Vega, Abigail Virginia Walsh

Grade 11: Christian Daniel Arias, Edwin Edilsar Barrios, Patrick Tajay Bennett, Alan Rodolfo Carias, Julian Roberto Collazo, Jamie Lynn Corpuz, Vincent Robert DeLorenzo, Alyssa Jean Diaz, Jose Floran, Melanie Grace Gagne, Rudy O Gramajo, Akeyla Davea Grant, Maria Elena Hernandez, Ivan Gabriel Humes, Lucas Gabriel Jenkins, Skyler Jerlene Kelemen, Jaden Elijah Lazaro, Ryan N Mahoney, Jakob M Overby, Alyssa Renee Ponganis, Jeffrey L Romatzick, Owen T Ryder, Frank Saad, Riley L Shea, Evita Jane Shein, Zakary B Simon, Alicia N Snape, Emily A Spellman, Aidan Connor Sullivan, Tamerah E Taylor, Sabrina A Tripodi, Jelani K Warburton Baker, Jadon Christopher Wells, Julia Rose Whaley, Peter Daniel Young, Justin Anthony Zayas

Grade 10: Alejandra Arias, Leticia Akua Gyanwaa Asante, Nicholas George Bludevich, Joseph Stephen Booska, Jacob Edward Brennan, Miranda Rose Carazo, Sean Michael Carrero, Mathew Castro, Hector Cerezo, Nicholas Aiden Collazo, Matthew Robert George, Jai Kevon Hairston, Gavin Andrew Hamilton, Deiby Alexander Hernandez Ramos, Hilary Elizabeth Holmgren, Latifa Rissala Karim, Natalie Elise Lizotte, Alexandria Nyla Louis-Charles, Judith Angel Marrero, Peter Philip Mazzucco, Dylan Max McCain, Aidon James McCray, Javier Michael George McDonald, Erin Madison McGhee, Nora Frances McNeil, Bryan Henry Mora, Tania Nicole Morales, Mike Arly Moresca, Tyriq K Muschett, Cameron Elizabeth Ocasio, Tristen Ty Pena, Craig Alan Peterson, Benjamin Alan Petrie, Destiny Marie Pierre, Adrian Rivera, Jonathan Osvaldo Rodriguez, Josephine Lee Shin, Ceylon Siriwardene, Rowena Maev Smith, Igor Igorovynch Stefanyshyn, Victoria Theresa Troilo, Cecil Velez, Nelson Anthony Villafane, Gerryiki Jaymes Williams, Diana Carolina Zavala Chavez

Grade 9: Nadia Serenidy Alston, Daniel Moore Brennan, Madison Renee Burnes, Lilly Christina Courbron, Sarah Aubrey D’Aloia, Aleisha Nicole Diaz, Angelo Josue Esquivel, Carter Anderson Fetchin, Madison Shea Gallant, Brianna Nicole Guzman, Stacy Aquil Hairston, Adeline Kate Horne, Christopher Iacobucci, John Caleb Jones, Sarah Anne Jones, Julianne Mae Lesinsky, Elizabeth Grace Lubas, David Jairo Montoya, McKenzie Brooke Moore, Ty Thomas Edmond Owen, Alyssa Francesca Pato, Joan Paulino, Jalynn Marie Perez, Trevor T Perley, Simyiah Jada Naomi Pettway, Shareece Alexandra Phillips, Natalia Raquel Rivera, Kevin Rodriguez Negron, Yanique Spruill, Akira Kamil St Clair, Angelina Field Taccogna, Kent Robert Taylor, Lailahny Torres, Alan Valdovinos-Torres, Chelsea Devina Williams