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Proposal for Sikorsky Airport Purchase

Editor’s Note: Both Mayor Laura Hoydick and Michael Downs, Chief of Staff, were unavailable to respond to our request for the Town of Stratford’s proposal to purchase Sikorsky Airport at Thursday’s Airport Commission meeting. Mayor Ganim of Bridgeport was contacted and he referred the Crier to the Bridgeport City Attorney who was not available.

Sikorsky Memorial Airport Term Sheet February 2022


  • The CAA agrees to purchase Sikorsky Memorial Airport for the amount of $10 million. This ls subject to the City of Bridgeport conducting an independent audit that demonstrates to the FAA that the City has contributed $10 million of City general revenues for the operation or development of Sikorsky Memorial Upon sale, the City of Bridgeport transfers full operating control and development rights to the CAA and ls released from any future operating deficit.


  • Operation and develop_ment of the facility will be completed In conformance with the Airport Master The CAA will be required to fully Implement the current FAA-approved Master Plan and will work to bring commercial passenger service to the airport in a manner that the airport catchment area requires. The CAA will assume all existing grant obligations In relation to the airport.
  • The CAA will Invest in appropriate airfield and landsid infrastructure to support the development of commercial air service,


  • All existing City of Bridgeport employees that are currently employed at the airport will be offered continued airport employment if they so desire. This offer of employment will occur no earlier than August 1, 2022. The CAA will allow the current airport manager to retain City of Bridgeport employment for as long as the City of Bridgeport deems Ultimately, the current airport manager will also be offered continued employment at the airport upon termination of City service, All activity will Involve union consultation.


  • An environmental baseline study will be undertaken at the cost of the CAA In order to determine existing environmental The City of Bridgeport will be responsible for any environmental concerns prior to the date of sale, and the CAA will be responsible for any environmental issues that occur after the date of sale. The existence of contamination and required remediation may affect the date of sale and, possibly, the City’s ability to sell the airport.


  • The City of Bridgeport will be permitted to retain ownership of the Corsair aircraft currently on display at the All other assets at the airport will be transferred to the CAA as part of the sale.
  • The CAA will create an Airport Advisory Committee to ensure communication between the airport and the local community. The City of Bridgeport will have at least one member on the
  • The City of Bridgeport will agree to cooperate with the CAA In obtaining FAA approva I for the transfer of the airport All records pertaining to the airport will be made available to the CAA.
  • The CAA agrees to operate the airport under the name “Bridgeport – Sikorsky “

Agreed to:                                _             Date:                                                    _City of Bridgeport

Agreed to:                                  _ Kevin A. DIiion, A.A,E.

Executive Director, CAA

Date:                      _


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