Energy Help for Stratford Consumers

State Representative Laura Dancho

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

On December 1, 2023, Eversource will introduce a new discount rate for electric customers with a financial hardship status. Based on their household income or receipt of a public assistance benefit, they may be eligible for a 10% or 50% discount off their electric bill per month. For example, if they have a $100 monthly bill, it would be $10 less if they receive a 10% discount or $50 less if they receive the 50% discount.

Find More Information HERE:

If you need any assistance and wonder if YOU qualify, please contact any of the following Eversource representatives below:

Peg Morton: (860) 685-0846 – Vice President

Ray Collins: (203) 233-6670 – Manager

Jonathan Ferrigno: (860) 716-5339 – Senior Specialist

As always, please never hesitate to reach out to me with your questions, ideas, and concerns about this or any state issue!


State Representative Laura Dancho



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