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Feng Shui and the Winter Solstice


Signal Brighter Days Ahead

By Joan Law
Feng Shui Joan’s Way

Feng Shui and the Winter Solstice signal brighter days ahead. The increasing light that enters our spaces as we begin each new year is always so positive. This time of year encourages me to embrace my Feng Shui spirit.

I may be stuck inside because it is cold but the sun is shining through my windows and my days are slowly but surely getting longer. It is time for me to start my great spring clean-up and clear out ritual.

Feng Shui is all about the belief that our environments (home and work) directly affect our happiness. And, based on my 20 plus years as a Feng Shui consultant, I know that clutter is a no-no.

So here is a list of ten baby steps you can take to kick-start you spring cleaning program and to celebrate brighter, less cluttered days ahead.

  1. First and foremost soak up the sun however you can. The vitamin D is important to your physical health and the sunlight is important to your mental health.
  2. If it isn’t too cold, get outside. Take your four legged friends for a short walk every day.
  3. Toss outdated shopping catalogs, mail, and old magazines.
  4. How about getting rid of those unmatched socks (unless the dogs like to play with them)?
  5. How old are the makeup, medications, or toothbrushes in your bathroom cabinets?
  6. Clear outdated canned and packaged foods from your pantry.
  7. Are you really going to use all those old empty jars piling up in your garage?
  8. Take old paint cans to your local paint store to be recycled.
  9. If you haven’t worn a sweater, a pair of shoes or pants, or a coat in over two years – donate them!
  10. Make it a family affair by creating a day or a weekend event during which the whole family can participate in the great spring clean-up.

I like number 10 on the list the best (number 2 on the list is a close second). I’ll bet you can think of an incentive everyone in your family wants to work toward.  They may not be thinking of the Feng Shui components of how clearing clutter can create a happy and productive environment. But, I know you are!


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