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Garden Party at Judson House


The first organizational meeting of the Judson House Garden Club on Saturday, June 25th, featured speakers, and a “hands on” demonstration on making a Butterfly Puddler, (feeding station).

Jean Puchalski, a Board Member of Pollinator Pathway, Master Gardener, and Master Composter, ( delivered insights on planting and caring for Pollinator Pathways.

Pollinator Pathways were also discussed by the garden managers of Stratford’s  Pollinator Pathways:

  • Shakespeare Park, known as “Will’s Garden” managed by Jean Goodnow. Volunteer Anne Lees spoke about the garden and opportunities for volunteering. These women are also active in the well being of the gardens at Boothe Memorial Park.
  • Stratford Animal Control: Landscape designer Pat Lammers designed the garden (she is also the consultant/designer for the gardens at Judson House). Rachael Solveira oversees the pollinator garden and garden club members at the animal shelter.
  • Stratford Library: Rotary sponsored and recently planted their Pollinator Pathway
  • Longbrook Park: Councilwoman Kaitlin Shake, Marca Leigh and Lisa Zawadski spoke.
  • Stratford Beautification Committee: Christine Griffin spoke about the Lordship pollinator gardens. She is the Chairman for the Longbrook Improvement Association’s Environment & Education Committee. She also is the Co-chair for the Town’s Beautification Committee. The Beautification Committee has a new Facebook page and urged those in attendance to submit photos of Stratford resident gardens for their annual Summer Beautification Awards.

The Judson House Historic Gardens are themed, growing plants and herbs that were specific to the colonial era, along with information and education on their uses. Medicinal, culinary, aromatic and some just for plain beauty. Some that we can and still use to this day.

A new addition to the Judson House gardens is a beautiful Pollinator Demonstration Garden. Judson House is part of the “Pollinator Pathway”, and in this garden they hope to demonstrate and educate others with clear, real-life examples of the valuable services that all our pollinators provide, and how easy it is to support them. We offer public programming that engage and educate our Stratford community and beyond on the importance of our local pollinators, and hopefully, encourage others to create their own pollinator gardens.

Sign up for the garden club is through this link:

or scan this QR code.


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