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Imelda Goyette Stratford Educator Extraordinaire


By David Wright

Stratford Historian

Photo from The Stratford News, June 19, 1936.

Imelda Goyette was a Strat ford High School teacher for nearly 44 years. She retired in 1962 after being assigned to Bunnell High after it was opened in 1961.

Imelda was born in Quebec, Canada in 1897. Her first Stratford home was at the site of the new Stratford High at 257 King Street. She later moved to 1009 Wells Place.

Imelda was very active in her community serving as President of the Stratford Teachers

Association 1936, and was a longtime leader in the Association.  Her involvement in Stratford schools was far more than her teaching role. In addition to her full time teaching activities, Miss Goyette served as advisor to twenty-nine senior classes and participated extensively in community affairs. All who came in contact with Miss Goyette will remember her as a dedicated teacher devoted to the education of youth.

Upon her retirement she moved to Florida and died there February 4th, 1983.  For Miss Goyette, retirement brought to a close an outstanding teaching career spanning approximately forty-four years. The majority of this time was spent in the Stratford High School, where during her concluding five years she served as Chairman of the Business Department.


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