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Interested in being a Videographer? Watercolor Painting your Thing?


Arts Alliance of Stratford’s Fall Workshop Schedule Announced

Kick-off on Saturday, September 11th
Kick-off for Zoom Watercolors on Tuesday September 14th

by Randye Spina
Marketing, Arts Alliance

The Arts Alliance of Stratford will kick off their Fall Workshop schedule with two brand-new classes – Video for Beginners, and Watercolor Painting.

“We’re excited to offer these workshops for our members and the community that we’re sure will be very popular. We have a first-time Video for Beginners three-part workshop and a six-part Watercolor Painting class,” said Mark Hannon, President.

The Fall schedule kicks off on Saturday, September 11th with the new video course, which marks the return to in-person instruction at Sterling House Community Center; and the online (Zoom) Watercolor Weekdays course kicks off on Tuesday, September 14th. These offerings are in addition to the ongoing Zoom Figure Drawing classes and our new Writers’ Group that are popular across the US and beyond.

“We know how important video is in the age of social media and interest in filmmaking has become popular are but most people aren’t trained, so this is the perfect beginner’s class. And, our members are always hungry to learn new painting techniques. We’re sure these workshops led by our talented members will fill up fast.” Hannon said.

This 3 session workshop will offer a general examination of what goes into the creation of almost any video production from conception to completion. Since most of us use video as a “story-telling” mechanism, the workshop will explain the elements necessary to tell the story including framing, creating visual depth, headroom/leadroom, working with ambient noise, lighting, and the critical importance of backgrounds to the overall setting or scene construction.

The workshop will also touch on how to approach and work with talent (professional and non-professional) depending on the focus of the project (for instance, conceptualizing a commercial is different from interviewing your grandparents or creating a talk show even though the completed result utilizes the same techniques and skills).

The workshop is looking to help the student both understand and improve their ability and understanding of the skills and techniques needed to create quality content for the purpose of telling a story and appealing to the needs of the audience. Since this is a learning process, testing out theories and techniques is encouraged both in and outside of formal meetings in order to see what happens to the end result.

Prerequisites: Students should have access and sufficient knowledge to use their own personal video equipment for recording purposes (a smartphone or DSLR camera should work) as well as their own basic editing software which they can use to tighten up any video assignments they may be asked to submit. Students must be able to transfer their work to a portable hard drive or flash drive and bring it to class so that the content can be reviewed and critiqued.

Watercolor Weekdays will begin via Zoom on September 14th from 3:00 pm – 4:30 p.m. There will be 6 sessions, Tuesdays, Sept. 14th – Oct. 19th, 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time

The class is for all levels and ages 16+. This course will teach various techniques in such a way that the beginner can paint at one level while the more sophisticated painter will be able to enhance the lesson. You will learn how to lay the paint as well as different painting techniques. By the end of the workshop everyone will have finished paintings. Sessions will involve sharing and positive critiquing.

Supplies needed to get started: (If you are new to watercolors, and don’t yet have your own supplies, please have these supplies for the first class. More items may be recommended as classes begin.)

Paper – cold press: either Arches 140 lb sheets or a Canson 9×12 pad
Paint brands: Schmincke, Daniel Smith, or Winsor & Newton are good brands. Individual Pans or tubes. Avoid, if you can: student grade paints like Cotman (made by Winsor Newton) & pre-packaged palettes. Those type of paints do not contain enough paint pigment, and you will have a harder time achieving the desired results no matter how many layers of paint you place on the paper.

Basic Paint colors: Red, Yellow, Blue
Brush: Either natural or synthetic, Size 8 round. The most important things to look for in your brushes are:
1) how soft they are and
2) for the rounds the tips should come to a really good point.
Plastic watercolor palette to mix paints (you can even use a plastic plate that you don’t mind dedicating to this purpose)
2 containers to rinse your brushes
Paper towels

About the Alliance
Arts Alliance of Stratford is a nonprofit organization working to build community and enhance the quality of life in the Stratford, Connecticut region. We collaborate with the public, artists, creatives, and art lovers, offering opportunities to learn, teach, create, network, and enjoy the arts.

To learn more about the Alliance and its programming, and register for a class, please visit:



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