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Kevonna Edwards Bicycle Rodeo


15 Years of Rodeo with Stratford Rotary, PAL and SRO

South End Community Center

Kevonna Edwards was a CARE Counselor and worked in after school programs at the South End Community Center. In 2007, Kevonna who was a Bunnell student, died tragically in a car accident.

A decision was made by Tymatha (Ty) Sims, South End Community Center (Program Coordinator, and Alec Voccola, who was with the police emergency service, and whose son was a friend of Kevonna, to do a Bike Safety Rodeo for summer school students that would connect with community leaders.  The Bike Safety Rodeo fits Kevonna’s memory, as she loved teaching, and always stressed safety.

Voccloa, who was an SRO officer worked to keep the rodeo alive, and has kept the program running safety, even though Covid forced them to downsize. Also on board is PAL, who showed up with bikes, helmets, cones for the

Sponsors who were “rounded up” to participate include: SRO and PAL have been huge supporters.

Stratford Rotary, who has been on board for 15 years and has given participants bike bells, bike lights, helmets, bikes, bike locks, and provide participants lunch and snacks.

Children who do not have bikes are given bikes.  After 15 years the Bike Rodeo participants have grown so that they now have 30 riders.

There is 30 children in the Summer Camp program, with 6 children who are “leaders in training” who have had 24 hours of training before program.  The leaders in training help with lesson plans, field trips, and day-to-day activities.  After summer camp is over they are evaluated and given a small stipend.


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