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Know Your Town: Councilmember Spotlight


Third District Councilman Paul Tavaras

Stratford Crier’s mission is to inform and update Stratford residents on various categories of interest, community events, pertinent information, and/or input into specific tasks or project. We would like to highlight the work, dedication and projects of our elected officials, beginning with town council members. Stratford Crier is posing the following questions to each of these elected officials to find out more about what inspires them in this position and what they hope to accomplish in their term.

1. What do you see as the needs of your district at the present?
Most problems of my constituents are blight, the reckless speeding through the streets, and tree problems causing damage to plumbing and property. There also needs to be tax relief after this administration had voted last year in targeting my district by raising taxes…again.

2. What is your vision for your district’s future?
I would like another opportunity at establishing a Splash Playground for the kids here in the South End that was defunded by this administration, and those funds (which were part federally funded) and added elsewhere for projects already budgeted. I also envision having the South End Community Center expanded to provide more after-school activities for our young people.

3. What is your vision for the town?
Stratford is becoming more diverse, which is certainly welcoming. I’d like to continue to promote functions and activities that bring us all together, especially as we continue to navigate around this pandemic. There is also more of a need for economic development to alleviate the tax burden on all of us.

4. What is your vision of collaboration between the town administration and residents to help make Stratford a stronger community? How do you see town residents’ roles and participation?
I am happy to see that, due to the town’s diversity, collaboration with the residents is strong when it comes to celebrating ethnic and cultural activities. It’s always good to see Stratfordites engaging and sharing, and learning about each other; it fosters understanding, respect, participation and good times! I would like to see Town Hall reflect the demographics of our town though.

I want to ensure that vaccinations, for those who desire it, are available—especially for our seniors and those with problems ambulating. Safety, health, food and shelter are foremost in ensuring that my district remains strong.

Reach out to Third District Councilman Paul Tavaras at or 203-673-6730.


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