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Let’s All Clean House in 2021!


Getting Organized

by Joan Law
Feng Shui Joan’s Way

Every year “Get Organized” makes it to most New Year’s Resolution lists. The first step to successfully fulfilling this resolution is identifying the source of disorganization and then working to eliminate it.

More often than not, the avenue to disorganization is excess stuff or clutter in your environment (home and/or office). Start by becoming your own advocate for change. You know you better than anyone else.

Do you shop when you are bored? Do you bribe your kids with toys and treats? Do you stock up, just in case of an emergency? Keep in mind, our shared COVID year is an anomaly and I know we’ll all have toilet paper well into 2021! How about at work? Do you file important documents all over the top of your desk? Do you fill your work-space with items not work related?

These are just some of the ways that clutter can invade our lives and weigh us down. My specialties include Real Estate Staging and Clutter Clearing.  I am often hired by Real Estate Agents and Retirement Planning professionals to assist their clients with getting organized. These business professionals are working hard to help clients take the next important step in their lives and they know that the process is not an easy one.

While my expertise is grounded in solid Feng Shui practice, I also provide council to my clients as they are making these life decisions.

Clearing clutter can feel great! And once you get started it is easy. The feeling of accomplishment that shedding clutter weight creates gives you an energy that will have you plowing through the rest of those resolutions in record time.

Take the time for a Feng Shui inspired clutter clearing session and finally take “get organized” off your list for good.

Heck, with that task done, you might even get climbing to the top of the Himalayas on this year’s resolutions!

Happy New Year!


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