Letter To The Editor: Center School

By: Kathleen Callahan
Stratford Democratic Town Committee Chair

I support and respect all our Democratic Town Councilors for their ongoing efforts and votes, with special appreciation to Kaitlyn Shake and her work with her constituents in the district on the future of the town-owned Center School property over the past year.

The density of the housing proposals and the additional parking requirements were wholly inappropriate and would cause additional traffic and safety concerns. It has been consistently, and at times fiercely, opposed by those who live in the neighborhood and are protecting something they are certain should not be lost.

Our party believes in economic development and growth that improves our quality of life; access to affordable housing of various densities across the residents’ lifespan; and the value of the wisdom and experiences of those living the issues up for debate.

Disappointingly, these were not all considered when the Council voted to sell the town property.

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  1. Paula Sweeley
    Paula Sweeley says:

    Yes, the Democratic Town Councilors, especially Ms. Shake, deserve much praise for their steadfast representation of the wishes of Stratford citizens. The sale of Center School Property to a developer for construction of a huge apartment complex in our Town Center, bordering on the Historic District, and the ensuing traffic problems will affect our whole community. Many alternatives were suggested by the public: a park with a playground, single story senior housing, tennis courts, and just leaving it as a supplement to our dwindling green space. The public DOES NOT WANT ANOTHER HUGE APARTMENT COMPLEX in the Town Center and all of the ensuing TRAFFIC. But that is what we will have despite our wishes to the contrary.
    Thanks to the Stratford Democratic Town Committee and our Democratic Town Representatives for representing the public in this issue. Very sad that the rest of the Council did not.


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