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Local Fitness Instructor Gets Stratford Youth to Move via Virtual Challenges


New After School Fitness Program to Rolled out December 1.

by Sally Head
Head Space Fitness

Stratford Teens, both Middle and High Schoolers, will now have a chance to put on their sneakers and learn kickboxing, strength-training, circuit training skills as well as yoga
and meditation practices.

Sally Head, of Head Space Fitness of Stratford, will lead these classes virtually every Tuesday at 4 p.m. via Zoom through the Town’s Board of Education after school
program. Sally Head is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, and 200 RYT Yoga Teacher.

“Like any good exercise program”, states Ms. Head, “they only work if the students who enroll participate in it regularly. If they come to class every week, they see results and get the most benefit from being consistent and it builds connection with the students and the community.”

Ms. Head is super excited to work with the local youth. As an online kids’ coach, she loves to keep the kids engaged throughout the year especially if they play a team sport which had to be halted due to Covid. “A lot of these kids really miss the drills and skills from practices, so I try to give them a good opportunity to practice their skills, even if it is right from their own living room.

For more information please call the main office of the child’s school or contact Sally Head at

The program, which is funded by two 21st  Century Community Learning Centers grants from the Connecticut State Department of Education- one for the middle schools, one
for the high schools. According to Dr. Kevin Klemme, Stratford Board of Education’s Grant Administrator, “the focus is on providing at-risk students and their families with academic support and enhancement activities to strengthen engagement with school.”

“Because of COVID and hybrid/distance learning, many students need additional support, so this year the program is being offered to any middle school or high school students,” Mr. Klemme added. The program especially welcomes students who enroll and participate regularly, as they get the most benefit from a consistent connection.

The various programs meet most afternoons on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (online this year) from October through May. The exceptions are holidays or early closing days.

Each session offers both academic assistance from certified teachers and enrichment activities, which also provide an opportunity to connect socially online with other students.

Enhancement activities include clubs, games, art projects, and field trips (virtual this year)—and now, fitness.  The specific activities each year are based on the interests of participating students. Many of the enhancement activities, especially the field trips, are arranged in collaboration with the Town of Stratford Community Services, which is a partner in both grants.



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