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Luck of the Irish: Feng Shui and the Four Leaf Clover


By Joan Law
Feng Shui Joan’s Way

One of the underlying premises of Feng Shui is that our space is affected by an invisible energy that flows around and through us. If you are a Star Wars fan you might call that energy “The Force”. Feng Shui philosophy is built upon the idea that it is possible to influence the force around you.

The Right Stuff

You already know from my articles that clutter and too much stuff is a Feng Shui no-no. But the type of stuff you surround yourself with can impact your life in positive or negative ways.

As we approach St. Patrick’s Day we think of lucky charms. The Irish talk of four-leaf clovers, Leprechauns, and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. All cultures can draw upon favorite signs of luck. And, of course, the Ancient Chinese were no different. Items often used to create good luck or positive energy in Feng Shui are crystals, images (flat and three dimensional of animals, birds, fish, and flowers), light, water features, fire features, and plants.

Is it Good Luck or Science?

Utilizing good luck symbols in your life sounds simple enough. But honestly, there truly is a whole science behind the manipulation of the energy in Feng Shui. The principals of Feng Shui are based on a bit more than luck.

Feng Shui principles are built around the Five Elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, and Metal. Too much or too little of an element in the wrong corner or room of your home or office can impact your life Chi in dramatic ways. Feng Shui also believes that we process our physical environment through our five senses.

When we determine your space can benefit from a Feng Shui cure, we spend a great deal of time on accessing the balance of all the elements and your intentions. For example, candles are symbolic of the fire element and can be used to balance an area of your home where a water feature may be too dominant or to stimulate fame and strength. Coins may be utilized to attract positive energy to financial ventures. Images of two birds can attract positive energy to the relationship sector of your life. Music and scents can be used to trigger pleasant memories and encourage positive well-being.

The Why Behind the FSJW/Ask Joan Hotline
The reliance on good luck charms vs. the science behind Feng Shui is one of the dominant reasons I established the FSJW/Ask Joan Hotline. Many of my clients pick up a few Feng Shui tips when working with me. And, heck, Feng Shui is fun! Folks like to engage with it once they open the door to its principals. I have found, once we are done working together, former clients still need help figuring out how best to use a cure.

I cannot tell you how many clients call me from HomeGoods to ask if this item or that item would help or hurt their space. The FSJW Hotline enables former clients to call anytime for my help – kind of a direct line to the Feng Shui Force.

Keep in mind, you don’t always need to introduce a new item into your mix. More often than not, folks have just what they need already. They simply need to know how best to use it for good Chi. Consider joining the FSJW Hotline for my help finding the right cure for your space.

And don’t forget to email me your snail mail address to get your FSJW GIFT from me! St. Patty’s Day is the last day you can register for your “Helping Hand” from Joan! May the FSJW force be with you!



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