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Naturopathic Medicine Explained


Stratford Library
Tuesday June 14th and July 12th
Tara Coppola, ND MS CNS is Guest Speaker

The Stratford Library will host two informative naturopathic health care programs on Tuesday, June 14th and Tuesday, July 12th at 7 p.m.  The in-person programs, which will focus on Self Care and Health and Healing, are free and open to the public. Guest speaker for both programs is Naturopathic Physician Tara Coppola, ND MS CNS.  She describes her programs:

June 14th: “Self Care Most of us are run down and exhausted. We are constantly giving so much of ourselves to others. When it comes time for our self-care, our own healthy nutritious meals and physical activity are last on the list. Time constraints and general fatigue can make even thinking about nutrition and exercise impossible. This workshop is going to discuss ways we can simply incorporate health-promoting actions into our world when we are on the edge of exhaustion. I am going to discuss simple naturopathic tips and tricks to reduce burnout, eat healthfully and move your human more.

July 12th: Health & Healing Our bodies have an amazing innate ability to heal! Health is multifaceted and all of these facets integrate with each other. This workshop is going to focus on the multiple avenues that create your health. From here there will be discussion around how to help facilitate healing in your body through these health avenues.

Dr. Tara Coppola, a naturopath and nutritionist, specializes in harnessing the healing power of nutrition and nature to vitalize the lives of her clients.  With fifteen years as a personal trainer accompanied by almost 20 years of formal education encompassing the areas of Human Services, Biology, Education, Nutrition and Naturopathic Medicine, she utilizes a whole person perspective when working with clients to bridge the dichotomies of scientific research and holistic healing.

The free, naturopathic programs will be held in the Lovell Room of the Stratford Library on June 14th and July 12th beginning at 7 p.m.  Each program is limited to 20 patrons. To register for the June 12 program please visit.

For further information call: 203.385.4162.



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