Saturday, June 15, 2024

Opinion: A “Biased” NBA Review


By Xavier Cromwell McDowell
Stratford High

The Denver Nuggets have won the NBA finals for the first time in team history.

Even though they won the way they won, it kinda sucks from a fan perspective because they were supposed to beat the Heat.

It would have been better if they had played the Celtics because even if they didn’t win I feel it would’ve been a better series and maybe an even better win for the Nuggets.  Due to the fact that the Celtics has two superstars and a team that can match up with the Nuggets better.

With this win for the Nuggets what does this mean for the rest of the NBA?

Let’s look at the Sixers they have the MVP winner in Joel Embiid, sure, but he still has never made the NBA finals.  So while Embiid is chasing MVP’s against Jokic, Jokic is chasing NBA Rings.

Now let’s look at the Celtics they made the finals the year before and lost in 6 to the Warriors, but they were the season favorite to win the whole thing and they couldn’t even make it out of the Eastern Conference finals.

On the brighter side the Heat are looking pretty good as long as they keep their pieces, they should make a deep run into the playoffs again.

In the west though it’s pretty bad.  The Lakers are old and beat up and nobody knows how long Lebron really has or if Anthony Davis can be healthy and effective because Jokic was the much better player and it showed.

The Trail Blazers suck, which sucks for Damian Lillard because he’s just wasting his prime in Portland.

The Timberwolves are starting to waste Anthony Edwards prime too.

The Kings are making a good push to become a big contender in the west, they made the playoffs for the first time since 2006, to put that into perspective that’s the year I was born.

The Suns are looking prime to meet the Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals again. The Warriors are just old and mediocre.


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