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Pack it up, Move it out for the New Year!


Turn a Frown into a Super Feng Shui Smile!

By Joan Law
Feng Shui Joan’s Way

So many folks I’ve chatted with over the past ten months’ report that they are depressed, and indeed, studies show that depression can contribute to a disinterest in your surroundings which can lead to a cluttered home. Studies have also shown that excessive clutter and items that have negative memories attached to them can increase depression.

I know you know that if the clutter-depression cycle is an issue for you or a loved one, Feng Shui can help identify and break that cycle. We employ a very user friendly way for you to turn your “clutter frown” into an “I’m in control” smile.

The Bottom Line is that More Bins Won’t Fix you!!
You ​will never be able to purchase enough coordinating storage bins, boxes and shelves to calm ​y​our environment.  To make a difference, ​one needs to de​-​clutter enough to know what you have, where and why you have it and what value it adds to
your life.

Tackling your stuff when you feel well is challenging enough but add the element of depression and anxiety and it can be a paralyzing task. A client review noted that Feng Shui Joan’s Way helped de-clutter in a non-judgmental way. “She made good suggestions, worked with me, and left me comfortable with the result. She is remarkably calm.”​ — Kris M., Trumbull​

Clearing the Way
Clearing your clutter is not a magic pill. However, together with talk therapy, exercise, a healthy diet, and quality sleep (and medication if needed), it WILL make a difference. when you gain control over your space, you will feel less stress and increased peace.

Much of the depression I’m hearing about these days is centered around the COVID pandemic and folks being out of work.  And each of us have navigated those issues in different ways.

Most people I know are moving forward in a positive manner as they hear more about the roll-out of the COVID Vaccine and are profoundly grateful that the public and private sector as well as good old American ingenuity has afforded us multiple vaccines in record time.  Please, continue to support and honor our first responders as they do everything in their power to help us!

And each one of us can turn a frown into smile for those who are not working or who have had their small business impacted.  Patronize those small businesses – help them start the new year on a positive note. And reach out to a friend who is unemployed and offer to be a recommendation or a resource for them.

There are Feng Shui experts who can easily help you break a depression that is fueled by clutter and disorganization. Depression that is fueled by a pandemic and unemployment is not so easily remedied without a conscious effort to recognize the need of our fellow men and women and to simply help others in times of crisis.

Contact me if you would like some help with clearing clutter. Heck, call me just to chat about what is happening in the world. I’m told I am a good listener! Remember, we are all in this together and it is together we will achieve a brighter tomorrow.

Happy New Year!


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