Monday, May 27, 2024

Point: From Stratford Mayor’s Office


State of the Town

Mayor Laura R. Hoydick released the 2023 State of the Town of Stratford on on a YouTube Video Thursday, providing pertinent updates to existing projects and services, as well as highlighting upcoming improvements relevant to the recently approved Capital Improvement Plan and the newly implemented ’23-’24 FY budget.

“I greatly appreciate the patience of the residents of Stratford as we navigated the budget and CIP process over the last few months,” Hoydick said. “I hope this State of the Town is a helpful and an insightful look into the intricacies of how our departments operate and where we stand with regards to important ventures throughout the Town. My administration is dedicated to being transparent, informative, and thoughtful in our communication, and the State of the Town is a candid opportunity to share as much as possible with residents on what we’re doing to move Stratford forward. I encourage anyone to reach out to our office if they have additional questions or thoughts after watching.

“Our Town departments’ continued services and upcoming endeavors serve to reinforce the dynamic nature of our Town and its motto, ‘Offering more from forest to shore.’ From economic and community development to public works and our emergency services, I’m immensely proud of the work being done to increase efficiencies, identify and provide solutions to both short and long-term issues, and to prioritize serving the hardworking taxpayers of Stratford with every initiative.

“It is truly a privilege and honor to serve as the mayor of such a vibrant and diverse community, and I look forward to seeing everyone out and about over the last few weeks of summer and into the fall months ahead!”


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