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Prohibiting Minors From the Mall!?


Letters To The Editor

By Dantrell Dicks
Stratford High School

The Milford mall implemented a new rule that prohibits minors from being in the mall without an adult under the age of 21. This policy is an unfair rule to minors who go to the mall and act accordingly. This also makes it harder for minors who go there to have a good time with their friends and do things like go to the movies or just go shopping. This is also unfair because the amount of minors who go there and act right is greater than the ones who don’t. This policy even affects people around the age group of 17 who do things for themselves like buy clothes and do so at the mall.

The mall is within their right to do so, but it is still an unfair rule for a lot of minors. One situation used to justify this decision was a brawl that happened in the mall years ago.

There are kids who don’t act accordingly in the mall but that could be handled by security. This is one of those issues that everyone in the group doesn’t have to be punished for a select few. It’s a solution that hurts all minors who shop there and love to come there for some minors who act out without their parents. There are solutions to this like having teenagers who act out banned from the mall. This policy can also be enacted for teenagers of a younger age who are known to be immature. There isn’t a reason normal seventeen year olds should have to walk around with someone at least twenty one years old.

I think it’s not only the brawls that you see on the news, but just young children and preteens running around the mall and acting out that caused this policy to be put in place. Of course there have been a couple of fights in the mall involving minors and adults but I also think just regular occurrences of young people acting out.

This policy affects me in many ways. It affects my ability to go to the mall with my friends and do things like buy clothes and watch movies. It also affects my ability to just go to the mall with my cousin and maybe go to a certain store to buy something specific.


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