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Residents Responses on Dr. Uyi Osunde Lawsuit and News Release


Residents Responses

Reactions to Publication of the Dr. Uyi Osunde Lawsuit and News Release

Editor’s Note:  The Stratford Crier was inundated with calls, texts, emails, and comments on Facebook as well as other social media sites after our releasing details of a lawsuit Dr. Osunde has filed in Federal Court in New Haven. We are publishing those comments as they reflect “the pulse of the people” in Stratford and their view of the Board of Education’s actions.

FYI: Regarding “anonymous posts”  Facebook statement:  In order to ensure that that conversation moves freely, safety is of utmost concern. While we encourage authentic member participation within our groups, sometimes your group members might prefer not to use their name and profile photo while posting — or may simply want to post their opinions without attaching their words to their personal Facebook account. Last year, we rolled out a solution to this problem — Anonymous Posts.

Ted van Griethuysen  I would say the Board of Education asked for it.

Paula Sweeley  Dr. Osunde has been unfairly treated and deserves justice. This stigma, undeserved as it is, will follow him wherever he goes in the future. The way they have hounded him is shameful.

 Anonymous on Facebook: How can a GOP BOE be racist when the plan all along has been to replace Osunde with Armistead? Oh, you didn’t know? You’re welcome! 🤔#TheGOPDefense, #FireBlackMan#HireBlackYESWoman

Jessica Hunt  This is important. I’m going to say it; it is 100% racism what the GOPers of the board are doing here. I also want to say I personally have had run ins with Bedell and she is racist. No way around it. Other women in this group can attest to that as well. This fishing expedition should never have been ok’d and he should have been reinstated from the get go. Good for him taking a stand and suing.

Patricia Trisko  What else could it be! He should have been reinstated as soon as the charges were dropped.

Bex Cardozo  GOOD! That a#@%@^@hole Henrick deserves everything coming for him! I’m sorry, but they are destroying the potential of our kids, and it’s time for things to be put right, and for the district to be led by someone who fights and advocates for the kids! 😤\

Greg Carleton   I haven’t read the Superintendent’s writ in its entirety, but there are some intriguing allegations made in his suit. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in a trial by jury. I am hopeful that the process brings out substantiated facts, fairness and justice. 

Patti Ann  I’m really not surprised at this lawsuit and make no mistake this is going to cost the taxpayers BIG. Could see that coming for the last few years (remember the resegregation of our schools and the loud voice of Chairperson Bedell?) and 1000% knew it would happen after the last two years with their treatment of Dr. Osunde and when Mike Henrick was elected, and ultimately became chair, the writing was on the wall. These days, there’s no white robes and hoods, their blatant behavior and actions speak volumes.

 Anonymous on Facebook  On the 31 page lawsuit against the Republicans the 150 bullet point is unbelievable. Obviously the courts of law will figure out the law suit and alleged acts. While innocent until proven guilty, the remarks of Dog whistles, Black Jocks. Someone called the superintendent allegedly and stated do not poke the bear and tigers. You are making our mayor mad. It’s 2024 not 1968 in LA. JURY BY TRIAL

Tina Manus  Plus Hoydick and Decilio’s names are legit all over that thing—Lou won’t care, but Laura looks terrible going along with the whole thing. The buck stops there. She looks like she got steam rolled.

Anonymous participant replied  I believe there is significant evidence to argue his immigration status was also a factor. I’m surprised it wasn’t included in the complaint. If you know Stratford, you know that’s the REAL issue after all. It’s how they were turning the black community… 

Tina Manus  Anonymous participant there’s no “race card”—it’s just a law. The 14th amendment was bitterly contested when it became law—only 28 of the 37 states voted for it—guess which ones? 🙃

Anonymous participant  Tina Manus social media perception holds a lot of weight. Being called things innocent or guilty sticks and stains. “. Something they may not understand “. Good luck in court hope it works out.

Tina Manus  Anonymous participant I actually heard someone say, “well he only got the job in the first place because…” it’s such a disgrace 😩 they DO represent the majority in town. They won on consensus. People voted for THEM. That’s the scary part, and now the federal government has to step in and put Stratford in time out. 🙃

Anonymous participant  Tina Manus Just better hope it’s false and no parents of color were subject to it or they can sue them as well.

Tina Manus  If the allegations are found truthful in the court of law. The republicans will look for people that can adopt to diversity. It’s not like they do not have people who can work together. It’s not 1970. South end vs North end. We are a community filled with awesome people that deserve better – More business. Hoydick is fighting business opportunities based on who she likes. Business does not work that way. It’s not PERSONAL

Tina Manus I hope there is a trial by jury and the lawyer doesn’t force him to settle.  He’s got counts 3, 5, & 6 on lock. 14th amendment is def doable, with evidence submitted in discovery. This is the problem Stratford has with a defense—they blatantly did this: The Due Process Clause prohibits state and local governments from depriving persons of life, liberty, or property without a fair procedure. The Supreme Court has ruled that this clause makes most of the Bill of Rights.

La It’s clear the republican board members have their own agenda, and Henrick has been completely vile to and dismissive of Dr. Osunde even prior to this suspension. Funny how they’re looking so deeply into Osunde when Henrick himself admitted he couldn’t look into important documents prior to a meeting because of a birthday the night before. Partisan hypocrite.

Bill Larkins It’s unfortunate to see a prideful town not have the ability to welcome everyone. Party politics is absolutely ridiculous. It comes at the expense of kids and parents. Nobody wins here. Sad day for Stratford.

John Cherwin Whoever the board chairman is should resign or be put on leave until the lawsuit is clear. Same rules should apply but won’t. The lawsuit looks terrible and the courts can now have it with all the MAGA supporters. Blue State Mr. Chairman.

Mike L I’d like to get past all the “racism” BS and get more information about the man’s actual job performance. Are there issues with his competency and abilities to lead our school district and students? Does the Board feel he hasn’t performed well enough to be paid for the job he’s supposed to be doing? Don’t know how much the job pays but pretty sure it’s the highest paid person in the town. That brings some pretty high expectations. To me it gets down to that ONLY. When you start bringing Race into the discussion you run off the track of what should be the REAL discussions and determinations. Anybody have anything to offer regarding his “performance”?

Dr. Karen P. Burke I cannot understand why certain members of the BOE believe they have the right, expertise, and legal authority to conduct their own investigation against Dr. Osunde. Maybe Dr. Osunde’s attorney should propose the following offer: if the named BOE individuals publicly resign and acknowledge they made uneducated decisions, Dr. Osunde might consider dropping the personal lawsuits against them. The question is whether these individuals are truly qualified to be a part of the BOE and make important decisions for our children.

Don T Drain the swamp

Anonymous Dr. Osunde has been cleared by the legal system. I wasn’t aware that the BOE is a higher power. Absolutely disgusting how they have treated him.


  1. Just because his charges were dropped does not mean he is not guilty. The ex just realized if he lost his job…no money for her. He’s a hot head and yes people should question his integrity after his charges. Race has nothing to do with it. Nice try people.

  2. The RTC chair declined twice to take diversity training. Twice two times documented. Uh pal everyone takes that course. What’s the purpose of not doing it? Ur hard nose and can beat the law. Unfortunately the chairman is comprised. It’s a law I believe so now he can take it.

  3. Certainly, the anonymous contributor may be correct. There are hundreds of conspiracy theories we can devise. But we need to follow the facts we have and the fact is that not only was Dr Osunde absolved by the courts, the courts actually apologized and thanked him for his willing cooperation. If the town attorneys have evidence to the contrary I believe they would have shared it with us.


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