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Nail Salon’s in Stratford

Stratford Health Department
Beginning May 10th

Starting May 10th the Stratford Health Department will launch “Scores-on-Doors” and provide nail salons in Stratford with a letter indicating the salon’s inspection grade (A, B, C).

Letter grades will be hung on each establishment’s door and the public will have access to the full inspection reports by visiting:

The Stratford Health Department has been working toward more transparency by allowing the public to view inspection results for regulated establishments like nail salons.

Stratford’s Town Council passed an ordinance that requires nail salons in Stratford to post a grade on their door following a routine inspection. The scoring is as follows:

  • Grade A – “An inspection score of 90 to 100, with no 4 or 5 point demerit items and no more than two (2) risk factor violations.
  • Grade B – “An inspection score of 80-89, with no 4 or 5 point demerit items and not more than four (4) risk factor violations.
  • Grade C – “An inspection score of less than 80, or the presence of one or more 4 0r 5 point violations, or more than four (4) risk factor violations, or the presence of any chronic, previously identified risk factor violations that have not been corrected

Nail salon owners were notified about this change in March 2023 and were invited to attend the Town Council meeting to make comments and ask questions.

“We’re really excited to launch our Scores-on-Doors program for nail salons,” said Andrea Boissevain, Stratford’s Health Director, adding that “it allows the customer to make an informed choice and may provide salons a point of difference from their competitors.”

For questions, please call Maureen Whelan from the Stratford Health Department at 203-385-4090 or email


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