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Shakespeare Renaissance Festival


Sunday October 23rd 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
American Shakespeare State Park

Step back in time and enjoy the second Shakespeare Renaissance Festival on Sunday, October 23rd on the grounds of the American Shakespeare State Park.  There will be live performances, fantastic food, a variety of vendors, and games galore.

King, Queen or pauper you are welcome to step back in time and join the fun!  Jester, Jouster, or just looking for a day out, you are welcome to be a part of New England’s last Renaissance Festival of the season!

“This Festival is special because it is a home grown project.  Tim Bristol brought the creative energy to create the event.  It’s full of incredible period inspired performers and musicians.  The cast will be beautifully dressed and we encourage everyone to come in costume.  It just seems to be something the people in town are excited about.  We had such a great turnout last year, we hope for another one this year.  We also want to bring people from outside of town to come and see what Stratford has to offer – starting with the amazing views of the Housatonic Bay and the Long Island Sound.” Tom Dillon.

How is this year’s festival/faire different from last year’s? 

Many of the same performers will be back again including The Brotherhood of the Knights of Gore and Daniel Greenwolf Celtic Magician.  There will be more character actors mixed in with the crowd.  More live music will be period inspired as well.  Visitors should expect a full array of amazing vendors, hot food, and multiple stage and performance locations with enough to do to spend the whole day.

Any special requests for festival/faire attendees (how should we dress, etc.)?

This is a great opportunity to come out in costume:  pirate, princess or pauper. You can come and live out your favorite fantasy about living in the past!

If you could start again, what would you do the same/differently?

We would do it all over again the exact same way.  Creating an event is a huge challenge.  We had an amazing opening last year and we feel we can bring this event back year over year.  We have a full team of truly talented and dedicated volunteers.  We hope the more people come, the more they will want to get involved in creating next year’s event.

Brace yourself for a roaring roster of live performers, games, and vendors!  Expect a raucous day of fun with a beautiful view of the Housatonic River and the Long Island Sound.  Talk a short walk and you can see the same view that European settlers saw when they came to shore in 1639!

Food Vendors for the 2022 Festival

The Melting Truck

EP Local food truck

Lucky Dog Food Truck

Colossal Kielbasa

Micalizzi Italian ice

Yellow Viking cold brew

Kettle Corn


The Acts for our 2022 festival

Celtic Magic

The Bawdy Buccaneers


Thyme Awaye

The Brotherhood of the Knights of Gore

B Historical

Purchase your Tickets now!  Go to:

Adults $15 –Youth $10 – Ages 6 and Under Free!



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